Sunday, January 10, 2016

TARGETING HOSPITAL's - No Big Deal for the US and it's Saudi Ally

At least four people were killed when a missile hit a hospital supported by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in northern Yemen, the aid agency says.

.....but could you imagine the rage and international outcry, especially from sanctimonious John 'horse-face' Kerry and his boss, Mahdi in the White House, and the EU and UN hypocrites if Israel had accidentally done this. We would not hear the end of it for weeks (more likely months) and the Arab hypocrite League would be calling for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council.
Ban Ki Moon, Jihad Obama and the Pope would be demanding SEVERE penalties.

Instead, we have not a peep from any of them... because it's their big bank-rollers, the $audi's

Last October, US aircraft bombed an MSF hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz, causing heavy loss of life.

The biggest hypocrite of all, the US is always lecturing and restraining Israel and arrogantly telling them about how to fight a losing, restrained war while it props up and rescues the Palestinian jihadists from certain defeat at the hands of the IDF.
Have you noticed how all the perverts in high places are strangely silent now ?
It's past time for the 'holier than thou' hypocrites to keep their mouths shut when it comes to Israel fighting and defending themselves.
The IDF could teach the US Military a thing or two on how to avoid their persistent mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Good article! What a lying bunch of hypocrites for sure!

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a Satanic agenda to rid the world of Christians and Jews.

Look at what is happening in Europe, America is next? They have disarmed white people everywhere and trying to in America yet why do we put up with these psychopaths in leadership???

They are flooding like-minded people to all these countries yet you put up with it. Trojan Horses and Barbarians are being allowed to invade your country with no resistance!

They are raping your women and even firing weapons whilst you are systematically being disarmed!!

Anonymous said...

It's all happening before our eyes as the silent sheep sleep their way into the slaughterhouse with few resisting evil.