Monday, January 25, 2016

The Globalist Elite's Economic War Against Putin, Part 2

Update /01/27/16 -"The Englishwoman does the dirty"


Last Thursday I wrote about the US based Globalist's escalating economic war against Russia's Putin.
They keep attacking Putin because he's not playing their dark, Satanic NWO game the way they want him to.
Today we see another smear from our own corrupt US Government/Treasury Department.

'Putin is corrupt' says US Treasury

The Kremlin denies such allegations. In 2008, President Putin personally addressed claims that he was the richest man in Europe, saying: "It's simply rubbish. They just picked all of it out of someone's nose and smeared it across their little papers."

Adam Szubin, who oversees US Treasury sanctions, has told BBC Panorama that the Russian president is corrupt and that the US government has known this for "many, many years."
We didn't want to point fingers because our own house is very,very dirty. but now, like angry little children we want to throw mud and rotten eggs on the other guy.
No justice, no jail, no accountability for the top criminal's

Lets not forget the corrupt Clinton's and how our criminal President Obama had his Attorney General Eric Holder illegally smuggling guns into Mexico. Even with innocent blood on their hands they got away scott free.
There are hundreds of examples such as smuggling weapons from Benghazi to the Islamic terrorists fighting to overthrow Syria's Assad and no one is ever held accountable. So we are able to spot other corrupt regimes like ourselves.

That is the new 'immoral America' now preaching morality to others.

The big difference is that here in America, we own the corrupt media and we always get away with our crimes. No one at the top is ever held accountable now in corrupt America, so it's only right if we throw eggs, mud and stones at Putin's glass house.
He said: "We've seen him enriching his friends, his close allies, and marginalising those who he doesn't view as friends using state assets, and we American's do the same thing, but on a much larger scale.
Do you remember how the criminal Obama used Lois Lerner and the IRS to target law abiding conservatives, a crime that no one ever went to jail for, and how Edward Snowden exposed the high degree of illegal and criminal NSA spying on American citizens and how the government media lied to us and covered up the degree of their criminality?
And we know that lawless criminal Hillary will escape justice for her many, many lawless acts while Secretary of State. Remember when Obama used the InJustice department to go after Dinesh D'Souza, while his corrupt pals are never held to the same standard ?
I'm always at home here with my filthy fellow rats

We've allowed our slimy Clinton pals to amass hundreds of millions from questionable Islamic terrorist funding countries without any scrutiny because we are corruption central, Washington, District of Corruption,

Solyndra, Jon Corzine's MF Global and thousands of other corrupt dealings are what brings the crooked lobbyists to Washington to drop millions of dollars on the majority of our greedy and corrupt politician's.

We wrote the book on sleaze and corruption and it's only unnatural that we point fingers at our competition.
You see, we are above the law here in America and are very, very corrupt.

We are decadent, immoral, perverse, utterly corrupt and of course big hypocrites and this is why we can throw our own dirt on Putin.
We have much dirt to throw because we are very dirty.
So whether that's Russia's energy wealth, whether it's other state contracts, Putin directs those to whom he believes will serve him and excludes those who don't, we are experts in this corruption and taught him everything, as we wrote the book on this kind of corruption.

Our dear criminal Obama has received acting lessons from his Hollywood friends so that his lies are more easily swallowed and our corrupt media always give him a pass for his lawless rule against the U.S. Constitution which he swore and oath to uphold.
So we want everyone to know that we are number one in the world with corruption and we export it.
To me, that is a picture of "The American virus of greed and corruption, gone global."

Putin won't play lawless Obama's  game, so who will win this war ? 


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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe the ROTTEN U.S. government would make these accusations against Mr. Putin. I suppose that is all they can do! After all, "the Bear" can slap back pretty hard if it is poked too hard. All these servants of satan can do is LIE, LIE, LIE.

I have heard Mr. Putin openly acknowledge CHRIST in front of many worldly leaders. I do not know his heart, but I have heard him say, " ... When a nation turns away from CHRIST and turns away from GOD, it loses all of its human dignity and reason for existing." He also will NOT allow muslims to come into Russia and destroy it and terrorize the Russian people!

No, Mr. Putin is not playing the NWO game like the NWO snakes want him to!

Let us search The Scriptures and see where this is all going. They are being fulfilled before our eyes.

As for the U.S. government officials: "Liars, Liars, pants on fire." ( to quote an unknown source ) : )

Marcel Cousineau said...

There are no good countries in this coming day of the Lord.
They are all wicked ,even Russia will taste the wrath of God.
As for the US, to whom much is given, much is required.
God has given America much and it has thrown away the good, the right and the light and become the abomination of the whole earth.
It's fall and destruction will be sudden and will shake the nations to their core.

Israel will also taste of God's judgments for it's sins, but will be spared as God destroys ALL their enemies.
then the nations will KNOW Him.

Only a remnant will remain, as always.