Friday, January 15, 2016

Selling The World a UNoffensive Christianity

The giant glass slipper church of Taiwan

Femmenizing Christianity
UN- Pun intended!

While this 'church' is a Taiwanese government funded tourist project it brings to light the apostasies and abomination's of so many of todays Christian's, ministries and organizations.

The Weak, Powerless and Femmenized Church of Messiah Jesus

In these dark days, removing the Head, Jesus Christ and replacing Him with gimmicks, entertainment and a new re-made jesus who is more acceptable and loving to wicked sinner in need of a messiah to save them from themselves is where the apostate church has fallen.
A loving God who not judge rebellious sinners is a false god, a lie created by the religion's of phony, shallow pseudo love.
I have no doubt that God hates this fake love which deceives so many souls and helps them to continue in their sin and not repent.
The people (majority) who rejected Jeremiah and his very unpopular and negative message rejected God and suffered immensely. 
The same holds true for the church today! 
If God were to send a Jeremiah today to warn us. he would not get anything but attacked, no attention from the major ministries (competition) and he would be rejected and ridiculed by the femmenized, tickle my ears, Church.
Too mean, too critical, unloving ,judgmental, rude, angry white male, etc.

When the real Jesus is preached it will offend the wicked by revealing their true condition before a holy God.
Either their pride is broken and they are humbled to see their true condition or pride leads them into deeper rebellion against a Holy God.
Sinners today are entertained today instead of hearing the hard truth gospel of why we need a Savior, a Messiah to save us from ourselves.

Today, nearly everyone does not want to hear this basis truth, they want their ears tickled and choose fantasy, (as Obama's success reveals) over the truth.
The truth is unpopular today, especially with backslid Christian's who only want their ears tickled, especially with the early rapture lie.
Any wonder why Christian's and the church have become so like the world and so powerless ?

I'm reminded of a question that Jesus asked which did not get an answer.

However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”
Luke 18

If it was not a possibility, would he have asked this question ?

Looking around, I don't see much faith in the Church today, but I do see a lot of backbiting, business going on and too much compromise with this evil and dark world.
I'm not surprised that so many backslid and blinded Christian's are chasing after a proud, no need of forgiveness, billionaire,Trump, whose god is mammon, as their latest messiah to lead them and SAVE this reprobate nation. Not a Chance!
We're in trouble folks.
Time to fast and get out the sackcloth and ash!


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