Friday, August 21, 2015

What Makes Kim Jong Un an Extremely Dangerous Man

He's been proving to his underlings since he gained power that he is not bluffing.
Execution after most gruesome execution of fellow comrades who did not take him seriously.
There has been a lot of bluffing and threats from Kim and I do not think he wants to be seen as one who issues empty threats and endlessly bluff's.
Eventually he will have to do the same and prove who he is to the US and South Korea.
Has that time now come ?
I have a bad feeling on this !

North Korea's Kim Jong Un orders troops to mobilize


I learned from BBC before 3:00 pm EST that the shooter on the train from Amsterdam to Paris was from Morroco.
Can you believe that, a follower of the false prophet Mohammed. On the 6:00 pm EST ABC news, they are still reporting they don' t know who he was.They've been reporting for 2 days straight about the 2 girls who passed Army Ranger training but not a word on North Korea.
They and their propaganda network are the example of worthless, garbage media.

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