Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Land Vomits

We are going to have to learn to adapt to the new normal. Even God's faithful prophets, Ezekiel and Jeremiah to name a few had to adapt to the drastic change that God's severe judgments brought on the land that they lived in.
25And the land is defiled; therefore I visit the iniquity of it upon it, and the land itself vomits out her inhabitants."
Leviticus 18 

As of Sunday Morning 73 wildfires are burning across Western U.S.

With the unbearable heat in California and Arizona and the fires, mostly started by lightening strikes in Washington and Idaho it's time to remember God's warning to Israel about what would cause Him to vomit out the inhabitants of the land. Read the whole chapter of Leviticus 18 to get a better understanding of the what and why these events (droughts,fires,volcanoes,earthquakes,plagues,etc.) continue to escalate here and across the globe.
When we begin to see water and food run out for the small towns and large cities, we will understand why, but the godless will be confused, especially with all the lies they have been spoon fed.

Tell them why !   

Firefighters are being sent in from Canada and eastern US states. Can you imaging fighting fires when the outside temperature is 100 +  degrees, plus the heavy flameproof gear ?
The government and media will continue to hide the true reason this is happening, they will blame it on global warming / climate change, saying man is to blame.
In a way they are right, there is a price to pay for sin, always has been, always will be.
We are seeing more and more of the price being paid here in the land that abandoned the God of all Blessings. America has exchanged all the blessings for the many curses. Stupid people,stupid Nation.
The new sign at the US Border now reads :

Welcome to the land under the curse of God.       


Tim Shey said...

Amen. Well-said.

I hitchhiked from Lolo, Montana to Kooskia, Idaho a few days ago. There is a big fire between Kooskia and Kamiah: at least 50 homes have been burned down and many people have been evacuated.

I was helping a friend and his renter clear brush and small trees from around his house so that they would be better able to defend their house from a fire. We were talking about all the wildfires in the United States and the fact that this nation still murders pre-born babies and promotes the sin of homosexuality. The renter said that the local Indian tribe in Kamiah does a lot of pagan rituals and that is why the wildfire is so bad around Kamiah.

There are a lot of people in the United States who are enviro-pagans: they worship the creation and not the Creator. The Lord is vomiting them out of the land with the all the wildfires.

Tim Shey said...

Just thought you would like to read this:

"This is Sodom! This is Sodom!"

Marcel Cousineau said...

God bless you Tim in a powerful way.
Daniel 12:10

Tim Shey said...

Here is something else you might like to read:

Marcel Cousineau said...

Read it. Thanks. So many things are ramping up , coming to an explosive end for reprobate America. China sending military message to Obamanation today off coast of Alaska and Syrian coast with Russia. Soon, everything will change for this doomed reprobate nation.