Sunday, June 19, 2016

One Follows The Other

“For affliction does not come from the dust, Nor does trouble sprout from the ground,
For man is born for trouble, As sparks fly upward.
Job 5

Pride Chicago

Denver Pride

Knoxville Pride

Providence Pride

Norfolk Pride

New Orleans Pride

I could go on and on with almost every major city in America. My hope is that you can see the rebellion spirit and the heart of darkness that is America against the Creator.
This is all mainstream, not some back alley.

Instead of calling it Pride Fest, they really should call it; 

'A Proud, Stubborn, Wicked Nation On Borrowed Time'

America, a land of lies and strong delusions everywhere.
God has been kicked out, rejected and the ensuing madness and disease has metastasized.

The wound is incurable

Phoenix, named after the myth lie

I listened to Donald Trumps speech yesterday (most of it) in Phoenix, land of the fried bird arising from the ashes (in your dreams) They showed the evil godless hate filled protesters accusing Trump and his supporters of hate, the divided nation, and the police in the middle outside the venue.
This is not going to end well !

His latest message and quote to everyone sounds like it was penned by Lucifer himself;

"You are going to have problems, the likes of which you haven't seen, unless Donald Trump is president."

Our personal and national problems stem from our rejection of God and His righteousness and the Satanic arrogance to say such perverse a thing as Donald said is the grandest delusion.

Hopefully you can see that God is not in any of this, He has not been invited.
Only the wicked and the proud have a seat at this table of godless vomit.
The pride, the godless pride and the blindness that draws those otherwise nice people who have forgotten God and are now under God's judgment to Trump is incredible to watch.

I'm truly saddened. This is an avoidable train wreck, but no one wants to stop the train and get off the wrong tracks, nobody,
It's going to crash, no doubt about it!
The people had a choice and chose wickedness and pride to lead them. They have rejected the Father and become proud and vain, and they celebrate their perversity and pride without shame before God and all.
The insanity of a nation once blessed by God above every nation is evident to any who have not been blinded by gross pride.
As a nation we are on the path that is certain.

One follows the other  

Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18

Don't let anyone deceive you. If you put your trust in corrupt, lying politicians and the lying propaganda media, or false, lying religious leaders, it's on your head. No one to blame but yourself.

As sure as the sun sets, destruction and a great fall are next for America.
The nation that rejected the One who blessed it above every nation.
This is why our fall will be the greatest ever in the history of humanity.

for those needing encouragement in these dark times read all of Job 5


Anonymous said...

Absolutely TRUE! America has raised its fist in The Face of GOD and has challenged HIM to do something! I am watching for what HE+ is going to do to this evil, evil nation.

As for the political insanity that is on going, I for one am NO part of that. Something doesn't feel right about this whole sham.

In the coming Judgment The LORD+ will visit HIS+ own Children and make a way for them. Stay out of mainstream America and get alone with The LORD+. Seek HIS+ Face.

Thanks again for a Truthful post. Peace+ to you Brother.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you and thanks for commenting!

'As for the political insanity that is on going, I for one am NO part of that"

God tests His people just like Abraham was tested with his only son Issac.
Too many careless children of God have not sought him but have chase after lying idols ... and that is all Proud Trump is about.


Amazing and sad how many well meaning Christians have fallen into the trap.
Those in the mainstream are in the coming stream of destruction.
When they call Donald or Hillary at 3 am for help, the lie will be dead, just as they will be.

Marcel Cousineau said...

B. is helping me migrate outa here. Bookmark, link to the site if you follow me.

I will announce later when it is ready.
Rebel Planet Dispatch

Suggestions welcomed.

Noodles said...

I bookmarked it, Marcel, as I wouldn't dream of going through another three year drought without your daily rantings, er, I mean Spirit lead comments...just kidding.

I did notice that so far it has no connections to social media, as I am in the habit of Tweeting out a good many of your postings...hopefully, that will be realized.

Marcel Cousineau said...

cute, er. I'm not so tech savvy so thanks for pointing the MISSING social media (G+ ?) out.
Thanks for what you are doing. let me know what I can do, or not do.
I value the counsel of those who know things I don't and many things I don't know.
One thing I like about WP is RPD in now my domain name and not bigbrotherspygoogle's ownership.

Then again, do we really 'own' anything ?
I was thinking about writing something like;

The less you have, the less they can take away from you.

That's where I'm at with this emerging globalist, totalitarian, control freak, wicked rule of Satan and his disciples.
The way corrupt Washington criminals used the laws they break every day to go after D'nesh D'Souza while greedy, lying, criminal felon Hillary is fawned over by the media should awaken a few people..... then maybe not ?