Sunday, June 5, 2016

North Korea and America, Making Men into God's

There are some amazing similarities with the darkness that is North Korea and with the new America today.

Do North Koreans Worship Kim Il Sung As God?

Man has to have someone, something to worship.
Today, America's government media has given us the latest one, the so called 'Greatest One'
There is only 1 Greatest One and he does not play second fiddle to anyone.

I'm afraid we shall soon see these 'Men as God' pop up across America with more frequency now that the true God has been dethroned by the evil ones who now rule over this land.
'Today across America, Muhammed Ali will get more praise and worship than God'

Since this wicked, growing ever darker, reprobate nation forsook God, the idols that man makes for himself will fill the void... with the help of the brainwash, propaganda media, just exactly like the media do it in North Korea.

People need something, someone to worship and right now in America it's the dead 'not so greatest one' Muhammed Ali, named after the evil, bloodthirsty, genocidal murderer and false prophet Mohammed.
The One true living God silenced his proud voice and humbled him with a debilitating disease.

Muhammad Ali: 'World invited' to Louisville funeral

There are many growing similarities between North Korea's cult of worship and godless America, a nation that has turned it's back on God and always looking for new replacements.

The latest insanely driven cult of worship entree is Mohammed Ali whom the U.S. and world media are outdoing North Korea's media in hyping and selling to us as a god who should be greatly revered and even worshiped.

North Korea Defector preaches dangers of cult worship

America has been headed down this cult worship road since Bubba Clinton and his wife Hillary Jezebel Clinton taught America's youth on the joys of no sex Lewinsky style oral sex. 

And then we have the latest object of cult worship in America, a leader who according to the state media can do no wrong and has never done any wrong, Barak Hussein Obama, America's latest god and Father ..... of so many lies.

It's time for the blind, easily deceived and led by the media Americans to say your prayers;


Another example of how lawless and evil Washington has become


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic and foolish nation that worships one fleshly idol after another.

When one idol dies and falls into the dust they will quickly turn to another idol and follow it, until it also falls into the dust.

America has surely become a habitation of demons. America has invited the "unclean spirits" in, and they have come! What is going to happen next to this idol worshiping land?

May The LORD GOD Glorify HIS Name.

Marcel Cousineau said...

The deadidol worshipers of America are no better than the idol worshipers of Israel were before God raised up the Russia/China of their day.
Nebuchadnezzar King of the Babylonian empire went out to defeat His own people, the nation of Israel.

We're going to see a repeat as dumb deadidol worshipers never seem to learn.