Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Islam Became a "Great" Religion

The piece loving followers of the false prophet Mohammed convinced the unbelievers that their piece-full way was the only way

Police in Belgium make night-time visit to piece loving Muslim neighborhood

The infidels of Europe are so dis-respectful of Islam.
They always fail to identify the people and the neighborhoods they visit as piece loving Muslims from the religion of Islam, why is that ?

The media always love to divert us away from the word I placed in cap's in-between Boko- Haram.


Muslims in Iraq declare victory over 'other' Muslims in Iraq


Bangladesh is having a problem with their rabid, roaming, murdering  Muslims

Bangladesh arrests: 11,600 jailed in 6 days, analysts raise questions

Bangladesh police said that only 177 of the thousands detained are actually suspected of radical ISLAMIC militancy.

These are but a few of the daily works of the religion of peace everywhere the death cult is found.
I keep hearing President Jihad Hussein Obama tell everyone what a great religion Islam is.
It's great at something for sure, violence and murder of innocents.

Any other religion which did these atrocities and crimes against humanity on a daily basis would have been outlawed long, long ago... but then, we live on an insane planet with insane people leading us. 

What is truly amazing are all the blind fools who believe the big lie   

Looks peaceful to me


Anonymous said...

This is so true! We hear very little or nothing about all of these atrocities in the U.S. Except for sites like Rebel Planet we would be unaware of this.

The muslims are a protected class in the U.S. They must be protecting their "troops: for a reason. The criminals in D.C. must have an agenda.

Thanks for putting on these headlines.

Marcel Cousineau said...

your welcome, and thanks for commenting.

You can be sure that the evil birds of Washington and their media do not appreciate their cover up of the truth being exposed by the facts and reality getting out on the internet.

What is so evident is how Facebook is a highway for the Islamic terrorist to broadcast, they don't get shut down, I did years ago there for reporting the truth.

Evil has taken over, here in America.