Thursday, June 2, 2016

France Has Made a Pact With The Devil

Follow the latest costs to France/Europe (and all the nations) for meddling with Israel here

French President Francois Hollande welcoming
diplomats to Middle East Summit in Paris

French leader Francois Hollande ignores the murderous Islamic terrorism of the Palestinians directed against innocent Jews in Israel, especially the Hamas threat from Gaza.
Hamas who want no peace with Israel, but the extermination of the Jews.
Yet, the perverted soul Hollande has nothing to say about this, but blames the Jews for a lack of peace.

How evil you are Francois!

This is the devil speaking through Hollande.

Instead he focuses on Jews building homes, which is exactly what God told them to do when He returned them back to THEIR LAND.

In declaring their personal war against God by sticking their nose in His business, France has declared national suicide on itself.
Look for everything to get much, much worse for the French because of the twisted, devil serving leaders who lead the nation enfer.

France says Israeli settlements main ‘threat’ to two-state solution, ahead of peace summit

Forget unrelenting terrorism, the Hamas-Fatah split, and the consistent Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as the national home of the Jews, a French pre-summit paper on Thursday said settlement activity is the main threat to a two state solution.

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All the businesses have been destroyed

The world's most visited museum, the Louvre in Paris, is to close on Friday amid worsening flooding caused by days of torrential rain.


"We Want Food" Riots - Venezuela


Anonymous said...

I am also watching what is happening in France. The moslems are still trying to burn down parts of Paris. This could get much worse. As The LORD GOD can make it MUCH WORSE on them , as they persist in making it hard on Israel.

Let us also watch and see what The LORD GOD will do to Babylon America as it bullies Israel into doing what Babylon America says. Also, the bully boy's allies of the UK and EU will also be targeted for vengeance by The LORD.

Let us watch and see what happens to these bed-fellows in their united attack on Israel.

I am also in agreement with you, Marcel , about pulling back from the system of endless buying and selling, and simplifying , and as the Apostles taught by the HOLY SPIRIT to be content with the basic necessities of life.

PS-- How many times have the Jews burned down Paris... in all the years they have lived there ?

Marcel Cousineau said...

So many good points, thanks for your comment.

Having food and raiment be therewith content.

That is Holy Spirit teaching that remains close to my heart and I live it and it has freed me from the bondage to a buy, buy, sell, sell system based on greed, which so many Christians have become slaves to.

I am so having the time enjoying the simple free things in life that money does not buy.

The rat race is for rats!

Good one on how many times have the Jews burned down Paris.

How many times have the Jews had to put up with so much crap from so many that will soon come to and end.