Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Wise Ex-Muslim From Iran Explains Islam in 1 Sentence

“A religion that began with violence cannot lead people to freedom and love

 Jesus Christ said ‘those who use the sword will die by the sword’. This really changed my mind.”


This is the pure unvarnished truth you will not hear from the purveyors of deception today who feed us nothing but lies, lies, lies about Islam. You will never hear this truth from any of the devious, lying Western leaders whose only credentials are their forked tongues.

What this ex-Muslim from Tehran said explains why Muslims today are destroying cities, countries... everything, including themselves, and now the West, thanks to godless idiots who lead the Western nations.

It explains why they are in a genocidal war with each other, killing each other without any mercy or compassion. Blowing up each other as they pray in their Mosques to a god of hate and utter evil.


It explains why the fruits of Islam are only lies, death and destruction.

And why there is only misery and bloodshed built on the four pillars of lies, encased in a foundation of lies, and never any peace, even between fellow Muslims.
Israel is nuts if it thinks it will have any real peace with the followers of this death cult.
There is no mercy or compassion with the god of the Muslims, none whatsoever to be found anywhere.
And yet the majority, stupid people of the world fall so easily for the lies from hell about hell's religion, even with all the evidence and facts pointing in the very opposite direction.

The false prophet Mohammed who exported THE BIGGEST LIE across the earth with the sword Muslims so proudly use and display on their flags is all about violence, threats and jihad against those who want no part of this evil.

Today in Islam-land Syria

Thank you for the truth, my dear escapee from evil Islam and new brother in Jesus Christ, the only hope for a sick, twisted, perverted, and extremely violent world headed for hell in a hand-basket.


doublenickel said...

The Lord is opening many muslims' eyes in these latter days. This was a good one-sentence encapsulization.

For a two-sentence one, here's a Kurdish friend of mine:

"If you take Islam to its logical conclusion, you've got to kill everyone who won't convert or submit. If you take Christianity to its logical conclusion, Jesus died for us."

Need I say he came to Christ?

Marcel Cousineau said...

The ways of God are beyond our understanding.
Afshin, an ex-Hezbollah has an incredible testimony.

I see in this issue with Islam how so many do the Isaiah 5:20 and compromise with this evil and show great tolerance for it to their damnation.
We are called to expose the darkness and yet so many so called Christians in the West are embracing it.
I hate the lie, Islam, but love the people and that is evidence by the warnings I send to them.
If Christians really loved Muslims they would warn them to flee from the evil lie.

When Jesus told the Church the He wished they were either hot or cold, but instead they were lukewarm, the outcome for them was not good.
I see the majority of Christianity has grown lukewarm to the truth, in dead silence, helping evil grow, or hiding, and not worth spit.