Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Syria, a Wasteland and a Desolation

There is a reason why nothing and no one can stop what is happening to Syria

Syria situation "deeply disturbing:" Kerry

All of the destruction going on for over five years in Syria just continues to go from bad to worse.
If it is possible, it looks like it's going to get even worse.
Not even all the might and power of the infidel nations can stop Muslims from killing each other ... because this is the judgment of God on evil Islam for what it has done to Israel in it's many wars and terrorism in the name of Islam.
For too long Damascus was headquarters for almost all of the Islamic terrorist organizations making war and sending terrorists to attack Israeli civilians.

Now they pay the ultimate price, total destruction on themselves, just what they planned to do to Israel is now happening to them!

Now these same Muslims are too busy attacking, blowing up, killing and destroying each other and every city and village in Syria.
Can you see the hand of God in this, the just judgments of a Holy God in His Divine retribution against the nation, SYRIA, that headquartered Israel's enemies ?

Major powers FAIL to agree new date for Syria peace talks

The God of Israel has used Muslim on Muslim genocide to destroy Syria, Iraq,Yemen, and soon the rest of Islam's lands

Look at Islam and Syria as the latest replacements of Israel's old enemies, (Edom) Mt. Seir here in Ezekiel 35, it spells out exactly what has fallen on Syria and it's people. 
The same thing always happens to Israel's enemies all the time, total destruction by the hand of God.

Ezekiel 35

Because you have had everlasting enmity and have delivered the sons of Israel to the power of the sword at the time of their calamity, at the time of the punishment of the end,

therefore as I live,” declares the Lord God, “I will give you over to bloodshed, and bloodshed will pursue you; since you have not hated bloodshed, therefore bloodshed will pursue you. I will make Mount Seir a waste and a desolation and I will cut off from it the one who passes through and returns. I will fill its mountains with its slain; on your hills and in your valleys and in all your ravines those slain by the sword will fall.

9 I will make you an everlasting desolation and your cities will not be inhabited.
Then you will know that I am the Lord.

“Because you have said, ‘These two nations and these two lands will be mine, and we will possess them,’ although the Lord was there,
therefore as I live,” declares the Lord God, “I will deal with you according to your anger and according to your envy which you showed because of your hatred against them; (Israel) so I will make Myself known among them when I judge you.

Then you will know that I, the Lord, have heard all your revilings which you have spoken against the mountains of Israel saying, ‘They are laid desolate; they are given to us for food.’
 And you have spoken arrogantly against Me and have multiplied your words against Me; I have heard it.”
Thus says the Lord God, “As all the earth rejoices, I will make you a desolation.
 As you rejoiced over the inheritance of the house of Israel because it was desolate, so I will do to you. You will be a desolation, O Mount Seir, and all Edom, all of it. Then they will know that I am the Lord.”’
Ezekiel 35

Syria is the Canary in the Coal Mine


  1. Nothing more powerful than Scripture for making a point. Let all the enemies of Israel read and understand! But they probably won't. As my wife and I say, Those Arabs just don't read their Bibles.

  2. I think a lot of Christians in America don't believe the Bible they rarely read.
    If they did they would have forced the presidents they elected to end the 2 state fake peace scam against Israel that steals the land God gave the Jews.
    We American's will pay in rubble and ash just as Syria has, even more because of our evil peace scam against God and Israel.

    Joel 3:2

    I will gather all the nations
    And bring them down to the valley of [b]Jehoshaphat.
    Then I will enter into judgment with them there
    On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,
    Whom they have scattered among the nations;

    And they have divided up My land.