Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spain contributes $11 million dollars to Islamic State

Uncovering More Obama lies

Think about all the harm $11 million dollars will do in the hands of IS, This will surely lead to more deaths than just 3 journalists. The insane West, Europe are assisting in their own destruction!
With all the ransom money being paid to the Islamic terrorists they have no money troubles as the lying Obama administration has been feeding us this past month.

Spain paid $11.1 million to IS with the help of Turkey and Qatar

...plus a shipment of aid to refugee camps

The slick murders for allah wanted $25 million.

Along with France and other European countries, Spain has reportedly paid a series of ransoms to Islamist terrorist groups to free hostages over recent years.


Islam and Christianity share 'idea of conquest', says Pope Francis

He appeared to reject any link between Islamic extremism within Europe and Islam itself.
Islam and Christianity share an inherent “idea of conquest.”

Do you see how the Dark Pope brings Christianity down to the level of Islam ?
Christians are not going around the world conquering with the sword and their jihad but Muslims are. How dare this reprobate Pope compare the two.

Pope of Darkness

Like Obama, this Pope is a deceiver and a Liar.

Meanwhile today in Baghdad, Muslims continue their genocide on other Muslims.

At least 63 people have been killed and more than 90 wounded in three bombings in Baghdad

Wait till they get started on the infidels of Europe... of course the perverse, Pope of Darkness will blame the non-Muslims for what the cult of death and destruction does to them.
How disgusting the silence about all the Islamic violence, death and destruction from the Dark Pope along with his moral equivalence between this evil and Christianity.


Uncontrolled fire moves back to Fort McMurray,12,000 people urged to leave

Evidently the fire is not finished with it destroy mission and has come back for more.
Strange times, indeed!


Anonymous said...

What a lier this pope is! Do he and obama have a "hot=line" to each other? It seems that even some Roman Catholics would revolt at this, if there is ANY life left at all in that very heretical and blasphemous group.

I had heard that the islamic butchers in Baghdad slaughtered all those people because they were soccer fans! These demonized murderers said that soccer was not islamic, so they killed them !!

Meanwhile noble leader obama is busy issuing laws turning public restroom facilities into " danger zones " for all normal people. A spirit of complete insanity has struck America. With more than 100 large corporations and many states supporting this "restroom chaos " coming out the "City of Baal " it seals the case on who is Mystery Babylon, the flagship nation of the anti-christ.

Thanks for all these reports.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you for your comment and appreciation.

The sheep have been anesthetized and made docile. Most are on drugs, illegal and legal mind numbing drugs or they are drunk.
Silent unto death.
Jesus warned us what He would do with the lukewarm church and there are very few who are hot.
Christian's are hiding and fearful, few are bold.
That's how come Obama can get away with such evil on our watch.