Friday, March 30, 2018

The World Conquering Agenda of Evil, Satanic Islam Today.

We are being propagandized and lied to by our treacherous Western leaders who cover up the true nature of Islam vs. we Infidels.

Israel is dealing with this world conquering agenda of evil, satanic Islam today, and you can be sure the evil, lying media will portray the Muslim, jihad, Palestinian, Hamas clan as victims when these  MUSLIMS are on the offensive against a sovereign infidel country.

16 Gazans said killed, 1,100 wounded in massive border protests

Army uses live fire, rubber bullets to keep back 17,000 Palestinians who throw rocks, firebombs at Israeli troops during 'March of Return' demonstration.


Tens of thousands of Palestinians swarm Gaza border, 16 killed by IDF fire

Why hasn't Israel retired top Hamas leaders to the grave ?

Israel's weak approach invites this threat.
They have no fear because Israel has lost all the deterrence it once had because of the US led fake peace agenda which has been used to restrain Israel.


I'll bet you didn't hear about this news story below in the US media.
I found it at Reuters early this morning and by the time I got on my laptop it had disappeared.

France Lies and Covers Up it's Islam Problem

Before there is even an investigation French Authorities immediately come out to tell everyone that this Islamic terrorist attack was not terror related.
That should be a red flag for everyone still able to think for themselves and process the facts that they do still report.

Man drives car toward French soldiers; no terror link, (We lie to you)

The link is Islam, he is a Muslim who understands his Islamic religious duty to kill infidel unbelievers 

"The driver stopped near the soldiers and said, 'I don't give you 30 seconds on the avenue,'" then spoke in Arabic before turning his car in their direction, driving toward them, then suddenly spinning away, the prosecutor said. The man appeared to be in a rage, he added.


25-year-old man was known to them for petty crime.  

The authorities know their muslim terrorists in waiting and always give them a pass because France is now a nation of dhimmis in submission to Islam ! 

The blind, stupid, failed, lying, Western authorities ignore the threat that Islam poses to infidel citizens, hence, he was just a petty criminal, not a Muslim terrorist in waiting.

Soldiers had told police the driver first passed them shouting abuse THREATS in Arabic before returning and trying to run them down, according to a spokesperson for the army's land regiments based in the Isère region.


Notice the wording from the Guardian and how quickly the devious, lying authorities  and their cover up media change attack into something else. 

The soldiers were threatened and the lying media changed the wording to "insults"  

Local paper Le Dauphiné Libéré said the soldiers who were attacked were from the 7th mountain infantry and the vehicle had first stopped at a traffic light where the driver began shouting insults, THREATS reportedly in Arabic.


godless, under submission France, conquered by Islam 


Notice how the corrupt and always lying authorities and their media sanitize and remove any connection to the reason, the motivation for these attacks, Islam.  

An armed man MUSLIM TERRORIST went on rampage on Friday in southern France,

carjacking a vehicle, shooting at police and taking hostages in an hours-long standoff at a supermarket. He killed three people and wounded others before being shot to death when French police stormed the market, authorities said.

Natalie Grant - Your Great Name


Death Was Arrested

Good, good Friday !


Anonymous said...

I just saw a report about the attacks on Israel by 17,000 rabid muslims who hope to destroy Israel and take back what is NOT theirs. Report said 10 were now dead and 1,000 wounded. Of course this was on a non U.S. site and even they were trying to make the muslims look like the victims instead of violent criminals.

I pray the followers of JESUS are kept this season from the islamic Death Cult, as they celebrate our LORD'S+ Passion and Resurrection. May the Whole House of Israel be kept from those who wish to destroy it.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

What else does Hamas have up it's sleeve with this latest provocation ?

Looks like Hamas is working on a plan with Israel's other enemies to me. I believe they want Hezbollah and other death cult follower countries ti rise up against Israel at 70 years old.

They sent a 7 year old girl to hop the fence to get shot but Israel didn't fall into their snare this time. IDF is killing armed Hamas fighters crossing into Israel surrounded by civilains.

If Israel had the sense long ago to make Hamas a disappeared distant memory by defeating them soundly Israel would not be facing this SERIOUS threat today.

This could get out of hand and explode into something really, really bad for Israel because of their failure and sin in bowing to the will of USA instead of the will of God.
Exodus 23:27-33

Thanks for the report and comment brother, incredible days, so much going on.