Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How European Governments & Media Cover up Islamic Terrorism

They go so far to lie to the public as policy.

European government and media  have such a problem with the Islamic terrorism  they have brought into their cities  that they have to go out of their way to hide the truth of Islamic inspired attacks from the public.

I read the report of those arrested for this 'attack' early this morning at the guardian. Less than an hour later when I went to find it to report it, it was 'disappeared, gone.'

They quickly buried this news that might cause  the sheep headed for slaughter to wake up and realize that Islam is violent and the religion of terrorism.

They buried it !

They will never identify the Muslim terrorists as Muslims, instead they use words like 'Kurds' or any other identity to hide the fact that it was done by Muslims, followers of the preacher of violence and bloodshed, the false prophet  Mohammed.

The petrol did it !

They use words that cover up the fact that it was Islamic inspired terrorism such as 'was caused by petrol' instead of  Muslims blow up Polish grocery store.

Notice how immediately after this incident before they even had a chance to investigate, the devious investigators and lying cover up experts said;

"The 'major incident' is not thought to be terror related, according to police."
Never, never use Islam, Muslim, and terrorism in the same sentence

AT LEAST four people have been critically injured in an explosion at a Polish convenience store in Leicester.
The 'major incident' is not thought to be terror related, according to police.

I did find this recent news after a search that was full of news many years old at google.
BBC and the others have scrubbed this story for some reason.

From the Mirror...............

Explosion at Leicester Polish grocery store which killed five people 'was caused by petrol'

Make sure you sanitize the news, get the story politically correct;
You see, it was the petrol that did it, not Muslims who attacked this deli.

Viktorija’s boyfriend Arkan Ali, 37, appeared before magistrates today charged with five counts of manslaughter.
Store owner Aram Kurd, 33, and Hawkar Hassan, 32, were also in the dock accused of the same charges.
The Kurdish trio, who listened through an interpreter, are further charged with arson with intent to endanger life.
Prosecutor Zoe Lee said: “It’s been established that the explosion was caused by petrol that had been spread throughout the shop.”

Trust me, Islam is a religion of peace

The wolves who guard the hen house go out of their way to separate Islam and Muslims from the terrorism they commit.

This is another way the media wolves are covering up and protecting the religion of terrorism from any scrutiny;

French media to stop publishing photos and names of Muslim terrorists

A knife attacks family of infidels in Austria

Notice how they always  give the 'infidel killers' a pass ?


The LYING, globalist propaganda media called him psychotic Afghan migrant.
These are Islamic invaders who are incompatible with Western culture and ways.

The truth is he is a 'good and obedient muslim doing his Islamic duties of killing infidels.


Something strange is happening in INDIANA !! MARCH 2018 END TIMES SIGNS

Some good scripture teaching on the OUTPOURING of the Holy Spirit here.
We all need more of the Holy Spirit to overcome in these lasts days and discern the truth from the gross deception !

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