Monday, March 19, 2018


Update on Austin Bomber Mark Conditt 

3/21/18 -11:30 am EST


WHAT IF the terrorist they are calling a bomber flew back to the US, Austin, Texas, on a US or EU passport after being trained by Islamic State in Syria and allowed to escape by the US Military ?
What if this is just the beginning of a much larger IS plan made possible by our wide open borders?

You know the corrupt State and Goebbels US propaganda media would work hard to cover that up !

US Army convert to Islam's terrorism 

Remember the US Army fellow from Alaska who converted to Islam  who went to the FBI in Anchorage to warn them that he was a dangerous Muslim terrorist (and the FBI did nothing) and shot and killed civilians at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport waiting for their baggage, how the nefarious ones worked so hard to hide his Muslim conversion connection ?

The latest targeting of innocent civilians in Austin,Tx. has all the hallmarks of Islam's terrorism to me.

It looks like we have a "terrorist"  well trained in boobytraps and bomb making.

That's what ISIS trained their Muslim volunteer fighters who flocked to Syria and Iraq from the US, Europe and across the globe to learn. The art of death & destruction, the chief trade of Islam's State.

A few months ago after the fall of Raqqa I remember reading how the US military gave many of these fighters a pass to escape and fight another day.


Updated | The U.S. military allowed thousands of Islamic State militant group (ISIS) fighters to flee from their de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria, in a secret deal that boosted the U.S. fight against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, according to a former Pentagon-backed commander, who has since switched his allegiance to Turkey and who spoke to Reuters.

What if this is a well trained Muslim terrorist who has easily returned to Austin, Texas from our open Souther border to practice his trade ?

Do you think the corrupt government and failed Department of Homeland Security, the incompetent FBI which allowed this to happen (as they did with the mass slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida)

Would they tell us the truth or would they cover it up ?

Fourth Austin explosion appears related to other bombings, may have been set off by tripwire, police say

The blast Sunday, which injured two men who were riding bicycles, was the latest in a string of explosions to rock Austin, which has been on edge since the previous bombings killed two people and injured two others, one seriously. Authorities have seemed at a loss to explain who could be setting off these devices or why, saying only that the bombs were sophisticated....

Notice in this media propaganda article how they and the blind, clueless police have been trying since day one to blame it on race crime. (These last two innocent civilians are white)
You know why they always point us away from the real terrorists?
Because they would never admit the truth that this is due to their failure, and lies about the religion of no peace, the religion of terrorism & jihad, Islam.

They always give their dearest religion of terrorism a pass as the US Military did with the well trained Raqqua Muslim jihadist/terrorists fighter, to fight another day on US and European soil.

Could this be a well planned beta test, false flag ?

Residents of a southwest Austin neighborhood were told to stay inside early Monday after a fourth explosion in less than a month hit Texas' capital, injuring two men and stoking fears in a city already on edge.

Remember the old days when only prisons were on lockdown ?
Today because of the incompetence corruption lies and stupidity of our leaders the whole nation will soon be on lockdown.



Just had a thought !
What if Austin is just the first on the list ?

What if this is part of a bigger plan, A many,many US cities tour ?

The first of many cities. Austin B, C, D, E, F, G, and on and on.

Notice how the overpaid experts, the professionals (authorities) are pretty much clueless ?


He Is Only Way

hat tip - Linda S.


Anonymous said...

Great video Marcel!!
I like the end with the preacher speaking and the congregation responding! Really good.

It was a blessing to hear it as we have been researching some historical stuff , some of which is nauseating. Wonderful to hear the LORD+ lifted up in worship.

I put on a brief comment about the Austin bombing earlier. It may have gone astray.

Samson7able <(((><

Anonymous said...

Marcel, I found the other comment! I'm a little out of sync today. : )

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank Linda for that video, please say a prayer also for her and family.

So much going on.
For the last few days my verizon fueled lap top and verizon fueled phone have slowed down after 5 pm to the point that I can't get online. That's never happened before.
Now I know why the Lord has been getting me up early.

Blessings in Messiah Jesus whom we look forward to returning to clean up this abominable mess called planet earth.