Sunday, March 25, 2018

Evening Night Cap

We Christians are all a work in progress.
Thank God he hasn't thrown us or Israel in the trash as so many proud and deceived 'replacement' Christians and Musims believe !

None of us are going to get through what's coming without a personal culture of powerful, faith rejoicing, praise to God everyday for everything.
If we don't have it now we had better not wait until it's impossible to find.

I was praying about this lack of praise in my life and two weeks ago the Lord JESUS personally reset my radio preset off of talk radio where there is no hope only disillusionment to a local Christian radio station where the atmosphere of praise resides.

I had been stuck like an addict on the 'NEWS' radio dial since Hurricane Irma (no TV here)
I stepped outside to get the laundry and when I came back in the preset was two stations down and I was hearing praise to Jesus on the radio instead of dead end hopeless talk radio.
It's an easy thing for Jesus to do to get us off the junk that is killing our inner spirit man.

I'm much better now thank God ! 

Tenth Avenue North - Control


Jesus Culture - Love Has A Name


What A Beautiful Name


Dennis Quaid - "On My Way To Heaven"

How bout you ?

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