Thursday, March 22, 2018

How Do You Get Rid of Four Billion + People ?

The mad globalist elites of the house of evil are now broadcasting their agenda openly.

We have to read between the Hitlerian Fourth Reich lines that people will willingly leave their rural living areas to live in decaying on the edge of anarchy cities.
What they are not yet telling us is their intention to cleanse the earth of  billions of useless eaters by any means possible.

The arrogance and condescending attitude of the little gods of the house of evil is evident where they tell us what we are to believe as the meaning of life.

The true faith/belief is not allowed by the control freaks who serve the prince of darkness.

This is why the radical left Democrats are so determined to provoke Russia's Putin into a nuclear war  and so called Republican right Trump is telling China, 'The Party is Over' with our tariffs.

Empty half the Earth of its humans. It's the only way to save the planet

There are nearly eight billion humans alive on the planet now, and that’s a big number: more than twice as many as were alive 50 years ago.

If we managed urbanisation properly, we could nearly remove ourselves from a considerable percentage of the the planet’s surface.

There is no alternative way; there is no planet B. We have only this planet, and have to fit our species into the energy flows of its biosphere. That’s our project now.

That’s the meaning of life, in case you were looking for a meaning.


A third of mankind was killed by these three plagues, by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which proceeded out of their mouths. 

Revelation 9:18


O Lord, I have heard the report about You and I fear.

O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years,
In the midst of the years make it known;
In wrath [earnestly] remember compassion and love.

....In indignation You marched through the earth;
In anger You trampled the nations.
You went forth for the salvation of Your people,
For the salvation of Your anointed.

You struck the head of the house of the evil
To lay him open from thigh to neck. Selah.

You pierced with his own spears
The head of his throngs.
They stormed in to scatter us;
Their exultation was like those
Who devour the oppressed in secret.
You trampled on the sea with Your horses,
On the surge of many waters.

Habakkuk 3


another "motive" cover up  

If Big Brother and the Control Freaks had any concern for the public they would release the confession for said public to decide on motives and confession and not these arrogant condescending snobs.

How the elite gatekeepers cover up the truth and facts from the little people to keep them in the dark

Hunt for motive in Austin bumps against description of ‘kind, challenged’ bomber

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said he considers a 25-minute recording on a cellphone found with Conditt a “confession,” in which Conditt talks in great detail about the differences among the bombs he built.

But Manley suggested that there might never be a clear motive, noting where the explosives were placed or addressed seems random.


The useful eaters will always remind the useless eater who they are, and that freedom is just a four block illusion under the guise of protecting them. 

The chief said Conditt talked about problems in his personal life in a what Chief Manley called a video confession found on his phone after his death.
Pflugerville Police Department spokeswoman Helena Wright says it is not clear how late much longer investigators will be at the house.

She says that as long as they are there, the surrounding neighborhood will remain evacuated up to a four-block radius from the house.


We have an epidemic of teenage suicide going on across America today, something we did not have before the evil elite outlawed God and the Bible from the classrooms.


"My Story"


Anonymous said...

I am certain all of the "elite" servants of satan would like for everyone to leave the countryside and go into the hell-hole cities where they could keep close tabs on us all and more easily monitor our every move.

Of course they would tell us "Its for our own good and protection". The servants of evil feel so much superior to the " useless eaters" and "worker bees" that they rule over.

They forget one thing. There is a Rescuer+ Who is going to stop their pathetic schemes in their tracks, and stand them before Judgment along with the unclean spirits that they serve.

How can we ask that America be spared? For what? To butcher more unborn and destroy more innocent lives than they already have.

I pray The LORD GOD of Israel help HIS+ people to be single minded and remove all leaven from their lives and hearts, and follow JESUS in Spirit and in Truth.

Born in bloodshed and lies, ends in lies and bloodshed. The Law of Sowing and Reaping. Only ONE+ Way out for those who choose and repent.

Bless you Marcel, Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Well said brother.

I hope all is well with you.
It's going to be around 36 tonight here and I hope and pray you see spring soon.

Things sure are moving fast and we like so many long for JESUS soon return, AMEN !!!!