Saturday, March 24, 2018

Stay Stupid, it Makes Our Job That Much Easier

They expect us to believe and just swallow their lies and obfuscations knowing this latest act of terrorism motivated by the religion of terrorism, Islam, will be forgotten in a matter of hours.

A clear terrorist attack and the experts, the blind investigators and the authorities are too stupid to figure it out ?

Or is it that they are in cover up mode as usual, and don't want to admit the obvious.

Driver identified in fiery crash at Travis Air Force Base in California

Hafiz Kazi, 51, had lived in the United States since 1993 and was a legal resident, FBI Special Agent Sean Ragan said at a news conference. He was originally from India.

We are forbidden to tell you that he was a Muslim.

Authorities have not announced a motive but the security breach does not appear at this point to be terrorism-related, Ragan said.
Investigators Cover up specialists for religion of terrorism, Islam, discovered five propane tanks, three phones, gas cans, several lighters and a gym bag inside the car, Ragan said.

Although this was an Islamic terrorist attack against a US Military base we are not permitted to tell you the obvious and are in the process of deceiving and lying to you so that this terrorism from Islam will continue to flourish in America as we lead you, our dear dumbed down sheep to  the slaughter.

We only ask one thing from you, the public; 

Stay stupid, it makes our job/agenda that much easier !


One out of one hundred who did not deny Jesus
a sign of what is coming in the 
great falling away 

The only Christian girl among the Dapchi schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram last month could have been freed along with her schoolmates but refused to renounce her faith, according to her mother.


Because of the criminal incompetence of political leaders in France who are more protective of the enemy than their infidel citizens this brave man is dead.

Beltrame offered himself up unarmed to the 25-year-old attacker Muslim terrorist in exchange for a female hostage. He managed to surreptitiously leave his cellphone on so that police outside could hear what was going on inside the supermarket. 



Fleecing the flock of blind and dumb sheep who fail to listen to the Shepherd, an easy task for the wolves costumed as shepherd$. 


For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.

Hebrews 10:36

E + F = V

Endurance plus Faith Equals Victory

I look back on my STUMBLING AND FALLING walk with Jesus
and see how He has faithfully kept me and given me victory over besetting sin which I never thought I would overcome.

He did it for me, by His strength and power.
Lean on Him and He will get you through it all !

Chris Tomlin - Resurrection Power


Anonymous said...

I thought Nathan Leal's article was very good.
To the point and truthful. The organized church has again made a fool of itself and shown the world what they are.

Funding more infant murder as well as the other things funded in the bill is showing what a total liar Cyrus" is.

Tomorrow there is supposed to be an interview on CBS that that proves "Cyrus's" liason with a costly harlot while his wife was busy giving birth to his child.
Perhaps the evangelical religious system will brush this off also, or perhaps this will finish off the :Cyrus" lie.

America and the evangelical church does not seem to realize that America is under a curse from the Holy ONE of Israel. The LORD GOD of Israel is NOT MOCKED. Not by smooth talking-lying politicians or by anyone else.
They will learn this the hard way i'm afraid.

Thank you for posting this Marcel.
The Peace of The LORD+ be with you today.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Same here, it's the truth which is not even popular with the modern Church.
The proud Christian who is now blinded by it will keep following his false replacement messiah, the fraud Trump.
As you said; 'the hard way' and it is judgment for the proud who refused to heed the many warnings.

Today the brainwashed youth of America are protesting in Washington and across the world, targeting the gun and not the sin and rebellion in man that is the problem.

It's all going to end not so well for this nation which chose sin over peace and forgiveness.
Much more death and suffering is coming.
Thank you for your comment brother.