Thursday, March 29, 2018

Israel's Next War

This coming war with Hamas will be Israel's third shot.

I remember the old days when Israel understood they needed to defeat the enemy the first time, making it the last time Hamas was a threat ever again.
Since Israel went to America for peace instead of God, Israel's gotten stupid... unto death. 

God gave Israel many opportunities to defeat Hamas since they took over Gaza, but Israel chose instead to submit to the will of her 'restraint' pimps in America instead.

After PM Sharon capitulated to Pimp Bush and ethnically cleansed every living and dead Jew from Gaza, Israel received Islamic rockets on her cities, schools, homes and every imaginable civilian target.

This alone should have ended the surrender of Jewish land and appeasement of evil Islam's front line terrorist clan, the Palestinians.

Tragically Israel is still stuck on stupid, and can't get off the US nipple and seek the Lord alone.... yet.
This coming war will be the most costly for Israel as this is the only way for God to get their attention and relearn the necessity of defeating the enemy.

The US has played an evil hand in always restraining Israel

Years of rockets fired on Israel from Gaza were met with calls from her false friends, the US, EU, UN, and all the nations for Israel to do what they did during the reign of the Third Reich, go quietly, go passively, retreat, surrender, appease, reward evil.
Only Israel is required to show RESTRAINT by here nefarious and evil "friends". 

Their agenda has been to make sure Israel never again defeats a Muslim or Arab army, and Israel has fallen under their spell, having forgotten what happens when a mortal enemy is allowed to grow into a major threat.   

During the first Hamas war in 2012 Putz Obama sent Hillary Clinton on her fast broom to rescue Hamas before Israel could defeat them.
As Israel did during the second Lebanon war in 2006 Israel capitulated to their god of the Potomac and retreated from Gaza snatching  defeat from the jaws of victory.
Once again after rockets were fired into their civilian population in 2014 Israel went into Gaza and again Putz Obama sent Secretary of Late J. Kerry to rescue Hamas from certain defeat and restrain Israel.
Again Israel bowed to their masters and sent the wrong and worst message to her enemies.

Tragically Israel will pay a heavy price for allowing this enemy to thrive, a very heavy price.

Hamas to Swarm Israel’s Border, Sparking Fear of New ‘Passover War’

Hamas using civilian protest as cover for mass military operation against Israel.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is planning a mass demonstration along Israel's border on Friday, prompting fears of a new war with the Jewish state ahead of the Passover holiday,

Setting the stage for a major war  ?

Hamas knows if they make things ugly enough on the Gaza border with Israel that the Arab/Muslim world, Hezbollah, Iran, Lebanon, Syria,Saudi Arabia , Jordan, Egypt, etc. will step in against the infidels of Israel. 

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