Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lights Out Florida


The Washington Post reported earlier this year that Tampa's "metropolitan area is the most vulnerable in the United States to flooding and damage if a major hurricane ever scores a direct hit".

One Last Ride

10am est
I'm north of Tampa and it's still early before Irma gets here and the trees are already clapping happy.

Due to this area being thick with trees, many sickly, we will probably be without power shortly.
Was out doing some last minute preps and large, dead branches already falling with 35-45 mph wind gusts.
It's a foretaste of what I will be hearing tonight.

Since I live in a tin can,
Will spend the night down it the hurricane bunker I built in 2004. Finally will get some good use of it 

Already 1 million plus in Florida in the dark, and it's early. 

8,456,455 million properties - enough to bankrupt insurance companies, local, state and federal governments.

The Lord led me to get out of the big city 18 years ago, and it's very evident why. I didn't have to flee, having already done so in 99'.

The next thing you might be hearing about after Irma is all the looting going on because of millions having left their homes. Christmas comes early for the crooks here in Florida.
The police will not be able to handle all of it.
Lots of criminal will be headed this way, many are already here. Will need roadblocks and ID checks.
That the wicked and immoral America we live in today !

Curfews, National Guard, Martial law maybe if damage is major  lots of Mobile homes in Florida east, west, south, and central)  especially with no power for extended period ? It will have just begun after Irma leaves Florida.

Power just went out in Gainesville, Fla just east of me 40 miles, so it's million + and growing fast.

Just heard ABC radio say $200 billion this storm could cost, it's a monster.
Gotta go, wind picking up!


The Trees of The Field Clapping Here in Florida- Isaiah 55:12


Gary Bertnick said...

Thank you for your diligence. My concern always is the harvest of the Lord's remnant. I see judgement, but also gracious Hands from above.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Amen, I'm reminded of Abraham, how Jesus went to him before destroying Sodom & Gomorrah.
If there are 10 righteous will you destroy ...

PRAYER AND INTERCESSION for the lost we cross paths with is key.

It's tragic how few there are as we saw in Noah's day.
God has His remnant even after the falling away that is coming.
The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.

Good to her from you