Thursday, September 28, 2017

From Playboy to Payboy, Did Hugh Heffner Bring his Smoking Jacket With Him ?

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Hebrews 9:27

Trail Blazer, Soul Destroyer & Pervert 

Woe (judgment is coming) to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20


Disciple of  Heffner, Ted Bundy's Interview Before Execution 

We often hear about the Washington sewer these day but forget the other sewer, the American sewer and the 1 man who opened the floodgates to this toxic poison that has ravaged a once almost pure and pristine landscape.

I grew up in the age of libertine Hugh Heffner and his birthed in the bowels of hell philosophy of selfish gratification, selfish pleasure  taught me to look at women as sex objects whose only use was to gratify my lust and give me cheap, temporary pleasure.

After that what use are women is what Heffners pornography taught me before I was in my teens.
When I looked at a woman I never saw the person, only boobs, body, and vagina and that was it.  The damage is soul destroying.

If you could ask the Playboy indoctrinated sexual predator Ted Bundy how many innocent lives  he took to satisfy the demon of lust and murder that took up residence in him  before he was executed where it all began you would see the evil that Heffner unleashed on sewer America, destroyed by sin.

Along with me there are hundreds of millions of men across the globe who have been ruined, destroyed and enslaved by the floodgate of evil (lust) that he unleashed.
I have no doubt that there is a special place in hell reserved for this man who brought so much misery, suicide,  destroyed families, STD's, rapes , lust triangle murders, etc. , etc.
I sure hope he brought his smoking jacket, he's going to need it. 

I thank Jesus He delivered me from this enslavement to sin and set me free.
I could have easily gone down the same path so many men have taken when their no longer have any self control and are overtaken by evil.

Sadly we have the freedom to go down the evil path and it is a widely accepted culture today in the poisoned, polluted, given over to wickedness, evil, American sewer, NOW under God's judgment and  wrath. 


Anonymous said...

Amen Marcel.
I remember when this filth reared its ugly head. I have wondered how many innocent young boys were perverted by this man along with peer pressure from their buddies. "Just come look at what I've got! A dirty magazine!"

At first, shock and disbelief, and then addiction and perversion crept in and lives were ruined and altered.

What fools human beings can be. Satan can play them like a fiddle by the same lies he has used from the beginning.

By just this one aspect of humanity, perversion of the procreation act, satan is destroying huge portions of the Adamic race. Not just the men either. The young women feel that to be acceptable and desirable, they must come up to the playboy harlot level. All lies from satan.

The Scripture you chose is so appropriate;
" It is appointed unto man once to die, bit after this the Judgment." Frightening.

I urge EVERYONE, through Repentance and obeying JESUS, to make their calling and election certain and make sure their names are written in the LAMB'S+ Book of Life.

Bless you Marcel, and praise GOD for our Deliverance from death and darkness into the Light of The SON+ of GOD.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

'By just this one aspect of humanity, perversion of the procreation act, satan is destroying huge portions of the Adamic race.'

We will only know how highly effective this 1 eye/lust tool that Hefner took mainstream was in killing and destroying so many on judgment day when the book is opened for this evil man who opened the destruction door wider than it ever was before.

Jesus can set those who have become slaves to this sin Just call upon Him and ask Him to save you and He will. He's done it for many, many of us.
Whatever you have become slave to, HE can set you free.
He took the guilt and paid the price for your sins on the cross. By His shed blood you are redeemed, so you can be free to love and serve Him.

Praise God, THANKS for your wise words & comment brother.

doublenickel said...

I had many things to unlearn after coming to Christ at age 27. One of them was how I looked at, and treated, women. Before Christ, they were objects and adversaries in a game of macho. After, they were sisters, daughters, mothers, human beings. What a difference. Blessings to you.

Marcel Cousineau said...

This American plague went global.
I often hear about the rape culture in India and elsewhere fueled by pornography. It has only skyrocketed since the greedy peddlers of porn took to the internet. I forgot the percentage of pastors who are addicted to internet porn not to mention children.
This evil that hides behind the US first amendment, a freedom to poison and destroy souls is an abomination before God.
and yet the duped USA patriot fools honor what is an abomination.
I remember when I was backpacking across Europe and M.E. back in 1977, I was burned out from all the big cities and took a ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza.

I was walking along a meadow trail in the middle of nowhere. Lo and behold, a very high color, glossy magazine on the ground caught my eye, it was a shiny US porn mag, of all places, off the beaten path.

We sure have polluted the earth in many ways and yet the deceived and deceiving others, cult that worships America ignore all that and sell us on how good their idol has been to the world.

Idolaters will not make it to heaven because they worship and serve false gods.

Thank you brother for sharing with us how Jesus alone can set us free from the cursed American freedom culture of death to pursue evil that poisons so many souls forever.