Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lap Dog Netanyahu Rolls Over for His Master Trump

Netanyahu acquiesces to Trump request to delay settlement talks

Poodle Prime Minister Netanyahu, justifying his predictable 'roll over' decision to hold off on the meeting by a week or two, which is likely to startle the pro-settlement elements in his coalition.

The prime minister told the ministers present he had no intention of putting Israel first and sending a message to humiliating the pseudo pro-Israel Trump administration by making decisions relating to building up Zion which President Trump is working against.

Appeasement and surrender are my two platforms to lead Israel into the false peace delusion.

We faith challenged Israeli leaders will continue to look to America as our God and obey their failed agenda, even if it is idolatry and wickedness.

When president was running for office he told the voters he was going to build s wall and other promises. I don't remember his obsession with dividing Israel for a false peace two state final solution agenda of the globalists birthed in hell as one of his campaign promises ?

We had hurricane Harvey when he sent Greenblatt to Israel, then monster hurricane Irma and Maria still churning up the Atlantic coast.  God has promised to cut in pieces those who meddle with His Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:3) and the US is in the process of being sliced and diced from all corners, especially now that God's patience has run out with America meddling under false pretences.

There is something very dark and sinister about President Trumps obsession with making a false peace agreement between Israel and the death cult of Islam, Palestinian terrorism branch.

...and even worse is how asleep the majority of Christians are when it comes to their idol Trump and his false peace agreement with Israel, a rather significant last days Bible prophecy.  


Trump Aide Greenblatt Returning to Israel for fake-Peace Talks: Official

President Donald Trump's Middle East fake-peace negotiator, Jason Greenblatt, is returning to Israel to "continue the phony, anti-Christ peace track" 


Major-General (res.) Giora Eiland, 

The Muslims have destroyed Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. What makes you think they will stop with Lebanon on their way to destroy Israel ?

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