Thursday, September 7, 2017

False Prophets, Money Changers and Swamp Man Trump

Update 2:00 pm EST- 

Nearing the warmer waters of the Bahamas and Cuba, hurricane Irma’s winds have increased to 155mph, according to a 2pm advisory by the National Weather Service.

Elementary, Once Irma hit the warmer waters around Florida she would get re-excited.
Question is ; How Excited ?


God has not given America more time with the election of President Trump as so many Christian deceivers in our midst have told us.

They lied.

In fact God is severely judging America Babylon right now.
To the many Christians who fell for the many blind Christian leaders who fed you lies & delusions, you have to ask why you did not train your ears to hear the voice of Chief Shepherd, Jesus and were so easily led astray ?
You did not know His voice because you did not know his word intimately.
A heart filled with idols does not hear Jesus well but does hear and follow the wolves.

How were you seduced by the many con artists making merchandi$e of you ?

Swamp Monster Trump
By now it should be evident to a blind man that President Trump will not make America Great Again and it's all been one big delusion.
He has not drained the swamp and never will. He has become the Washington swamp , the sewer itself.

Once again too many Christians were the most easily deceived

The billionaire will bankrupt America with out of control, progressive Washington spending waste.
President Trump, he will help drive a battered and broke America to it's final resting place in hell.

To those Christians out there who were deceived and led astray by their own selves, and false prophets like Mark Taylor and Lance Walnau and the many ministries which gave them a platform like Charisma, TruNews- Rick Wiles, Prophezine-Ray Gano, Jerry Falwell Jr.- Liberty University, Rodney Howard Browne, Rick Joyner, Paula White, Jennifer LeClaire  Skywatch TV. -Tom Horn,  Jim Baaker, Steve Quayle &  ANP affiliate, Common Sense Show-Dave Hodges, and the many others you followed, the Canaanite merchants, who have invaded God's house.

He will clean out the money changers in His house who lead His people astray.

Books sellers, hustlers, wolves, and for profit$ ministries, shame on you !

God's people, so naive, so easily deceived

Will the money changers in the Temple repent of their sins and major deception against fellow Christians. Most will be too proud to admit they were wrong as it would hurt their business and that is what they are all about.

Disgraced pastor Jim Bakker says Hurricane Harvey was 'judgment' from God while selling his Tasty Pantry bucket for $175 

You have been the proverbial blind being led by the blind merchants who have set up business in the house of God and leading His people astray.
Anyone who gave Mark Taylor a platform, or were silent and approving to those ministries which did (Hagmann & Hagmann) are the blind leading the blind.
They are deceivers and tare$ (weeds) in our midst.  

God is bringing His judgments to America now and He has not given it more times as the false prophets and the many Christian ministries who gave them a platform to speak, and spread their lies.

Please go out of business and go away, you deceivers who fed us the Trump lie and assisted the false prophets in getting their fake message out.


Hurricane Irma has the potential of affecting every major city in Florida

Hurricane Irma live updates

Most of the concerns are about St Maarten. There is widespread destruction of infrastructure, houses and businesses. There is no power, no gas, no running water. Houses are underwater, cars float through the streets. Residents are in the dark, in ruined houses and have lost contact with the outside world.”


Anguilla is utterly devastated. We are very familiar with hurricanes, but this particular one, Hurricane Irma, was off the charts in terms of strength. It has certain cut a swathe through Anguilla that has left us in absolute pieces
When you look at our island at the moment you would think that it just suffered nuclear bomb devastation. We are in such a compromised position at the moment.


 Thompson, who was rescued along with her family as Irma battered Barbuda, has called for the island to be evacuated before Hurricane Jose is forecast to hit at the weekend.
My main concern is how we are going to survive after this. Every house, every [piece of] infrastructure, every utility is completely damaged and gone. All my family members don’t even have a home no more.
And possibility of another hurricane heading in our direction is terrifying. I think we should evacuate.


Anonymous said...

We are watching all of this. Hope you are well battened down. Make sure the roof of your shelter is nailed or tied down. I know you know what you are doing, but I thought I would mention that.

My cousin in Jacksonville is going to go to her brothers house in South Alabama. Her husband is boarding up their house and will stay with his dad who is elderly. The people who have lived where they now do tell them that the island where their house is located will be underwater during a storm like this! ( Or even less than this! )

WE put a post on this morning about "Is there a reason that GOD'S just Judgments are coming upon America? ( )

The LORD+ is Promising Retribution for the sins of America and the harlot church system. And YES! It is frightening. Decades of warning have gone unheeded.

Worship of mammon and worship of war, materialism and hedonism, the twin gods of the gentile flag wavers, all this is coming into Judgment.

The LORD+ Shield and Protect you Marcel.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

'Make sure the roof of your shelter is nailed or tied down.'

Thanks for reminding me.
Just got in from finishing up, had some leaks to deal with, thought I was done and then I read your email.

Something (Someone) impressed on me to do just that ! Was going to do it earlier and forgot.

Most people like so many Christians who believed that God had given wicked, reprobate, sodomy spreading USA more time with their latest idol Trump.
How wrong they were.

I read your message and there are so many reasons why God has sent His wrath on this evil nation, not the least of which are the millions of unborn babies and a lukewarm church so in love with their evil nation and the things of this world.
I read where you up there might have problems with this storm.

Your cousin should leave while he can.
Flooding and surge will be worse up there than down in Miami.

Even if Irma’s winds weaken and its Saffir-Simpson category drops, Irma could still be capable of extreme storm surge, depending on its track and the geography of its landfall location(s). Storm surge expert Dr. Hal Needham noted in a blog post Wednesday:

"The region from northeast Florida (St. Augustine) through all of the Georgia coast and southwest South Carolina is particularly vulnerable to storm surge, whether or not Irma makes a direct landfall in that region."

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely.
I know there are myriad reasons for America to be SEVERELY Judged. WE just focused on one more thing from the lying satanic government.

"DOUBLE UNTO HER DOUBLE" comes to mind from Revelation. Babylon will get back double what it has done unto others, including the innocent unborn humans.

May GOD'S will be done.
Two nuclear power plants are in the direct path of this storm.
LORD+ protect your Children.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

judgment, It's here and as always it's tragic, painful, depressing, gloomy, hell for the wicked.