Friday, August 25, 2017

We Know Why He Did It, We Just Don't Want You to Know, ISLAMOCIDE

We are not that stupid, we already know why he did it, but we have to deceive you and lie to you.
It's our job.

You see, it's because we are having too many Islamic inspired attacks against you infidels.

In order to keep you from questioning our criminal incompetence in allowing so many raging 'allah akbar' lunatics from this death cult into the country we bury the stories quickly, do extremely poor reporting, or just cover up and lie about these Islamic terrorist attacks.

Are you buying the lies  ?

"It is too early to know the motivation behind this alleged assault and at this stage ACT Policing have not ruled anything out," he said.

The attention span of our brainwashed masses is short so we will cover up Islam's terrorism as they do in Europe and America, not release his name and soon all will be forgotten.

Remember now boys and girls;

Islam is a religion of peace!     

ANU students, lecturer bashed with baseball bat in attack at Canberra campus


If he were a Christian or a Jew we would already have know his name long, long ago.

The globalist reprobates always protect the religion of terrorism and their Islamocidal followers.

Student attacks 4 with bat in Australian university class

The attacker, an 18-year-old man, had no other weapons on him, Cartwright said. He was not on the radar of police or intelligence agencies, and his motivation is unknown. He has not yet been charged over the attack and police have not released his name.

A Muslim has been shot dead after attacking two soldiers with a machete in the centre of Brussels.


Two police officers have been injured while arresting a Muslim armed with a knife outside Buckingham Palace.

The police said it was too early to know whether it was terror related, but we are sure it is Islamic terrorist related but our creepy authorities here in Britain are keen to protect the religion of terrorism so we are not permitted to report the news properly.


You probally didn't hear about this one because the fake news media are selling a fake version of Islam to the masses 

A Florida man who once had common neo-Nazi beliefs with his two roommates killed them after he converted to Islam, claiming they had disrespected his newfound cult faith, police say.

We kill infidels for allah because that is what all good Muslims do


Muslim worshippers had gathered for Friday prayers when a Muslim suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Muslim mosque. Other Muslim attackers then entered it.


a very unusual storm, God is sending a message to wicked nation

Harvey may stay alive for days

There is a chance that Harvey meanders back over the western or northern Gulf of Mexico for a time after making landfall. Regeneration and strengthening could occur in this case.


doublenickel said...

Marcel, I'm copying to you verbatim my comment to the Aussie newspaper re the baseball bat incident:

Ok, I'll weigh in on this one.
The whole account has me astonished. Especially the reportage:

"Cartwright praised the "incredible bravery on behalf of those students
to protect the lecturer." During the assault, one student managed to
take the bat away from the attacker and run away with it, Cartwright

"The university... said counseling services were being provided to anyone affected by the

"And a lot of people in shock as well. A lot of people getting blankets
put over them and being looked after by the staff and emergency

I'll stop there. Actually, a complete reprint of the article with running commentary after each paragraph would be more appropriate. I just can't believe the tone of the reportage. So some hoodlum decides to go after the teacher--female--with a baseball bat. Let's take this incident back to when I was in college. I'm 68 years old. You know what would have happened if he'd tried this when I was in school, 1967-71?

The whole class, not just a few "brave, courageous" individuals, would have risen up as one man and pounced on that dude. And the guy who took the bat away from him probably wouldn't have "run away with it", either. They'd have called the cops, but things would have DEFINITELY been under control long before the police arrived. And there wouldn't be any need for "counseling services" for those witnessing the incident. We were emotionally much tougher than that. Not that it was anything unique to our generation, you understand. This was normalcy.

I'm realizing that my take on all this vs. the press', and this generation's, take represents views from two sides of a generation gap so deep and wide that there's no crossing from here to there:

"And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able, and none may cross from there to us."

BTW, Marcel, I work with a Russian guy and he says that baseball bats are big sellers in Russia. Not balls or gloves, just bats. :-)

Blessings to you.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Just more proof on the success of the global socialists in making the majority of men effeminate wimps with low/no sperm counts.
Soon they will have the men wearing make up and dresses.

oops, they've already done that !

The God forsaken West is ripe for final judgment.

The West is doomed and ready to be conquered. Muslims have proven how easy that is.
The degenerate leaders open the door wide and cover up fr them when they do their 'allah akbar' religious service of killing the brainwashed pansies.

doublenickel said...

Lots of grist for the mill today, Marcel. Re the ex-neo Nazi:

1)It appears that skinheads might be a fertile recruiting ground for Islamicists;

2)It appears that the virulence/violence factor was multiplied after the conversion--that Islam is a much greater danger than skinhead-ism; BUT--

3)The press hypes to the max the dangers of white supremacy while downplaying/ignoring the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Same god, same hate.
Quite telling how the media IS in Satan's complete control and how well they work together with Satan's most violent religion.

The press is evil and this is why they always portray Christians in a bad light while doing the opposite with evil Islam.

I can't wait for Jesus to bring His justice, judgment, wrath to these evil reprobates along with the rest of them.