Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Religion of Hate

Muslim Iranian soldiers fighting Muslim ISIS in Syria

Rare footage broadcast on Al Mayadeen on Wednesday showed troops from Islamic Republic of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in close quarters combat with fighters from the Islamic State (ISIS) during the battles in Hamimah on the outskirts of Homs.

We are a bloodthirsty religion and our fellow Muslim's blood is just fine

"Iran's brave Muslim sons will take revenge for this barbaric Muslim act," said Soleimani, who promised to "uproot the filthy tree of Muslim Wahhabism and terror from the Islamic world. These Muslim crimes only increase our determination to cleanse Islamic lands of their filthy Muslim presence."


Do you know why Sweden has a serious Muslim problem ?

Why am I not surprised by displays of anti-Semitism in Sweden?

In addition to its government, which is hostile towards Israel, the 'neutral' Scandinavian country supported Hitler's Third Reich during WWII, so is it any wonder some of their descendants remain unequivocal anti-Semites?


Coming to America 

Muslim NO GO ZONES in Europe 


It's not easy to wake up with the US Goebbels propaganda media, fake news, and lies 24/7

The Left have evolved under 8 years of the lawless Obama regime 

ALT LEFT - American Left Taliban, Obama Brown Shirts, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, George Soros Funded Thugs,  Democrats & Media leading revolution Coup against sitting president and American voters.

This is not going to end well for America under God's severe judgments, or Christian supporters of Trump.

The "new and more evil than ever " Alt Left,  like their intolerant and hate filled Islamic terrorist partners, the Taliban, want blood.


Her husband – who died five years ago, shortly after the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary – never noticed the swap, said Grams.

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