Thursday, August 17, 2017

Barcelona, Spain And The Hypocrisy of the Western Propaganda Media

Police are treating it as a terrorist attack

Do you know why the corrupt system, western governments and devious media, will never, never, never use the the words Islamic & terrorist together ?

Because you might figure out where terrorism comes from.

 The latest attack by Muslim's, ISLAMIC TERRORISTS against infidel unbelievers in Spain today, the double standard, cover up, and evil hypocrisy coming from the global media is shameful and disgusting.

If this were a white neo-Nazi's we would have all immediately heard  the 'source and motivation' for the attack.

With the devious media they never identify "Muslim" and only "terrorism" or "the van" as the culprit as London's Mayor did today.
These cover up specialists and expert government propagandists too often tell us ; 'We don't know why they did it ? '

They really think we are that stupid and brainwashed, maybe they are right ?

Imagine for a moment if the media covered up for the white Nazi supporter in Charlottesville like they do for the MUSLIM terrorists  and Islam's terrorism ?
Every news source that I have seen so far continues to refuse to use the term Muslim or Islamic terrorist to identify the source and motivation for these attacks.

'They have their orders to only use the term "terrorism" in order to keep the sheep from waking up on their way to slaughter as we saw today in Barcelona' 

This goes beyond evil in their cover up for the religion of hate & terrorism, Islam.

Western & European governments have gone out of their way for too long to deceive us about the true nature of Islam as they seek global dominance with their terrorism which began in the 7th Century and has not changed.

While the Rabid Dog US Media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, NBC NYT, Wash Post, etc. are so quick to target whites, republicans, and Trump supporters for racism they show their vile hypocrisy by never identifying Muslims as the terrorists who are killing non Muslims as a central tenant of their religion Islam.

Trump was not in that van which mowed down and killed so many innocent civilians today, but the media will attack him rabidly for nothing while they give Islam a kiss and a pass for so many bloody things.
Hell is waiting for these disgusting hypocrites !

They continue to feed us lies about Islam and too many people let them get away with this.

Has the lying media and devious Western Governments intimidated you into silence by accusing the few who speak the truth of being Islamophobic or being haters ?

They are quick to falsely accuse and attack the few who expose Islam is evil and never attack the terrorism of Islam in fact they work overtime to protect it.

That makes them (media and governments) evil.

How is it that the cowardly, lying media and failed western governments give the religion of hate where all this terrorism has it's birth a pass and always cover up for their murders and violence ?

It's time they stopped getting away with covering up for this evil religion.

With all the genocide and terrorism that comes directly from Islam the sane thing for the West to do is shame this evil and reject it. At least demand a major end to all Islamic terrorism.
It's not possible when hypocrite western media and governments cover up for Islam's terrorism.
Instead the insane, suicidal West go out of their way to give it the honor and respect it is not due.

Shame on you reprobate, suicidal West !


Muslim terrorist's allowed to roam freely across Europe until they attack and only then do the worthless authorities go into action 

One dead after house explosion connected to Barcelona terror attack

Long ago the God fearing West understood the threat of Islam to their way of life, that is no longer the case for the godless, stuck on stupid West.

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