Monday, August 14, 2017

Reason # 2,183 to Quit Smoking

Couple transporting barbecue grill injured after SUV explodes when wife lights up cig, cops say

Police said the wife went to light up a cigarette and the SUV exploded.

As usual the media does not go into much detail about this Sunday event.

I used to set up and sell stuff at that flea market so it's easy to connect the missing dots. 
They got a good deal on a barbecue grill at the fairgrounds, a gas grill with gas still in the tank.
What a deal !
Gas, you can always smell that, why they didn't I don't know ?

Maybe while loading the grill into the Sorrento they inadvertently turned the gas on... or the valve was slightly open when the seller sold it ?

Lessons here- Buyer beware, smoking is deadly most of the time, way too expensive and it damages your sense of smell where you can't even smell gas in a small SUV.
Thank God they are both alive and learned a valuable lesson.

Will their insurance cover them and will she quit the deadly habit now ?


Iran Sending Warships to Atlantic Ocean Amid Massive New Military Buildup

Iran is preparing to send a flotilla of warships to the Atlantic Ocean following the announcement of a massive $500 million investment in war spending, according to Iranian leaders, who say the military moves are in response to recent efforts by the United States to impose a package of new economic sanctions on Tehran.

No need to say thanks, just did my job
as your destroyer president

More than North Korea, I'm watching Iran and believe that is where it's all going to blow up.

The dream I read back in July of 2005 about a US Naval blockade of Iran in the Persian Gulf leading to nuclear war is still fresh in my mind.

So if Trump does a naval blockade of Iran find a safe space to pray some more. 

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