Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We Don't Know Why

This is the best answer that French officials can give when Muslims attack infidels ;

'We don't know why he did what He did'

What are they doing in a job they are not qualified, too stupid, to have ?
How did France and the West get such imbeciles to lead them ?

With the whole western world sunk deep and drowning in perversity, decadence and debauchery their experts and leaders are unable to understand what the motivation is for the increasing phenomenon of attacks on infidels by the followers of the Koran.

Australia is the latest decadent western country following the American model of wickedness which always, always destroys nations and empires every time homosexuality is elevated.

The further the West moves away from their Judaeo-Christian foundations, the faster it slides down to insanity and hell.

With all the evidence about the true nature of Islam we still do not know why they do what they do.
This is because we are not just blind but very stupid.

Paris attack: Man held after car rams into soldiers

French soldiers caught off guard - The whole nation is asleep

Police in France have shot, wounded a BMW and arrested a man after a dramatic car chase along a motorway in the north of the country following an attack on soldiers in a suburb of Paris.
We are forbidden to tell you that he is a Muslim and that Islam motivated his attack on infidel, unbelieving French soldiers.

The motivation for the attack is as yet not known because we are still looking for a better and more believable lie that is protective of the religion of terrorism, Islam.
We really do know why he did it but it is better to lie to you in order to keep you dumb and asleep as we lead you to our government approved slaughter of infidels by Islam.  

We wise leaders of France are working very hard to keep our citizens asleep to the inherent dangers of Islam and hope that the majority will continue to believe our lie that it is a peaceful religion.

This is why we have identify the Muslim terrorist only as a "man" while we have given a much better description of his car.
Now please go back to sleep.
We will protect you after the Muslims we have welcomed here do their terrorism against you.

Forget Libertie', Equalite', Fraternite'
Socalism welcomes you to Nouveau France

The truth the evil left will never, never tell you;



Lim detained in February 2015 while on a humanitarian mission in Rajin, North Korea, a family spokesperson said at the time. He was acting on behalf of the Light Korean Presbyterian Church, which he had led since 1986.

According to his family, Lim has made more than 100 trips to North Korea since 1997, and his humanitarian efforts have included the founding by his church of a nursery, orphanage, and nursing home in the northeastern city of Rajin.


Israeli jets struck two Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Tuesday, injuring at least three people, hours after a rocket fired from the Palestinian enclave hit an open area in southern Israel.


doublenickel said...

I have a short memo to the people of France:
Tours, 742 A.D.

Blessings, Dave

doublenickel said...

Whoops, 732 A.D. Oct. 10, to be exact. Exactly 100 years after the death of Muhammad.

Marcel Cousineau said...

The French have lost their marbles.
1,285 years later they give them the open door and the weapons to defeat them.
Godless Socialism is national suicide as we see in France and Europe today.
Their ancestors had enough sense to understand the goal of the death religion of the false prophet and resisted this evil.
Today they have become so enlightened that they can't see past their noses and have opened the door wide to their destroyers and continue this insanity of protecting and defending a dark and evil religion, a way of not life but death incompatible with western freedoms and true worship of God by the one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reminding us of TOURS 732.

We have been so brainwashed, dumbed down, turned into zombies by the NWO & global socialism, I believe the average University student today would tell you they never heard of the music group 732 A.D. and how ask how their Tour went.

doublenickel said...

After their defeat at Tours, the "Moors" retreated to the Iberian peninsula, where they resided until 1492 when they were finally driven out by Ferdinand and Isabella. France escaped this 760-year occupation thanks to Charles Martel ("The Hammer") and his troops.

Marcel Cousineau said...

I find it quite French that all of these soldiers were not armed (?) and taken by surprise. a reflection of Europe where the Muslim terrorists are always well armed and their victims have nothing to defend themselves except the empty words of the government idiots who have failed them.

The nation sleeps trough their final Islamic invasion and the enemy strike at will.
Now France armed with a croissant in one hand and cheese in the other just can't bring themselves to admit they have a serious Muslim problem inside their socialism republic.

gets mowed down