Saturday, August 5, 2017

Seeds of America's Second Civil War Are Sprouting

Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it? 
Amos 3:6

I've been hearing more and more on the coming civil war in America and it's especially ratcheted up this first week in August.
This should be a wake up call to all.

If you can't see what is coming soon to America, you are blind.

#2 is going to be worse than the first civil war in America 

One thing missing from all these reports is Who is sending this basket full of death & destruction to this now cursed and doomed land.

All the coming civil war reports focus on an us versus them battle, the good guys against the bad deep state, establishment, left, and ignore God's hand of judgment now over America.

A wise Christian, a follower of Jesus  would be in neither camp because there really are no good guys.
It is God's judgment on a wicked nation which has turned away from Him and ignored His many calls to turn back to Him.

Putting America before God is idolatry

That is why the patriots, those who hold America up on a pedestal as an idol above God, and the delusional who really believe in 'Make America Great Again' are going to fall into the trap that has been laid for them.

Both the godless left reprobates and the idol serving right are without God's mark. 


We are in for an epic clash between two septuagenarians who both came from wealthy New York families and attended Ivy League schools but couldn’t be more different.

You haven’t seen the ‘Day of the Locust’ yet.”



Federal employees step up defiance of Trump


Economist Says The Plot to Overthrow Trump May Start “Civil War” in America

Prominent economist Martin Armstrong predicts that if the left is successful in removing Trump, they will evoke such unrest in America that it will likely lead to another Civil War.




'We're coming for you', NRA tells New York Times


Coming Soon 

And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the Lord shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour.

Zechariah 14:13



Anonymous said...

I am watching this Marcel. Looks bad.

The criminals that run America, and have for a long time, are coming out into the open.

The U.S. has mocked GOD and now is paying the price. Who will help America in its rebellion against all that is Holy and Good and Right? You are right. America is a HUGE IDOL. It has challenged The LORD GOD and is going to loose badly, as in being destroyed.

As you mentioned, we are not in either camp! There are no good guys versus bad guys. All are bad.

I pray for the Remnant Church, for those serious disciples of JESUS MASHIACH+, who hear HIS+ Words and do them. LORD+ help us to stand in your Truth. Come quickly LORD+.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Yes it does look like it's going to be much worse than 'cursed' Venezuela.
The harvest of the wicked is upon us and it's going to get messy.

I think that is why the Lord is training me to stay home.

Come, my people, enter your chambers And shut your doors behind you; Hide for a little while Until the [Lord’s] wrath is past.
Isaiah 26:20

I believe when it cost too much to follow Jesus that we shall see the great falling away in fairy land America.
Pray for the remnant as God shall have it here and everywhere else on this vain, pompous about garbage and filth earth.
Thanks for your comment brother.

Shannon Brown said...

Amen brother's in CHRIST amen. Idolotry:The worship of God's who are not and demons who are, man's refusal to glorify God leads to a downward path in which we are seeing today more pronounced and in our faces.1)worthless thinking 2)moral insensitivity (The youth) 3)religious stupidity as seen in idol worship i.e.the worship of MAGA!They become the very God's they worship, but for His remnants we worship Christ to be like Him,Amen. For we are seeing so much blatant disregard for our creator and His word it is Romans ch.8, their judgment. For me and my house we will serve the Lord YASHUA Ha-MESHIACH our KINSMAN REDEEMER forever and ever AMEN. We are so very thankful for both of you brothers in Christ for the path to truth is so very narrow,our churches here in southern California are dead as are the people given over to their reprobate minds. It is very grievous to the heart. We are not afraid only afraid for our daughter who has to go to class at her charter school which is supposed to be a "christian"school but oh no, not when they are quoting Gandhi instead of Jesus Christ our Lord! But Calif law now is no homeschooling you must do the common core communism and they will have places for the mentally ill transgendered. Oh Lord Jesus we cleave to you FATHER and your truth through YOUR scriptures,we have No more friends of family now for they have chose the way of this life rather than be a pilgrim and wait upon the blessed hope of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our bar of soap to wash the filth of this world is John ch 1.We are lifting you Marcel and all our brothers and sisters in Christ JESUS up in Prayer that we will not be deceived and that we are able to stand for the True and Living God YASHUA Our Lord Jesus Christ God be with us remnants for this is just starting, soon darkness will be upon this whole EARTH until that great and terrible day hold fast to the Truth in Christ and we will be rescued Amen.
Thank you and God be with you.
The Brown family,Nathan,Shannon, and Ryleann.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Blessings ,thanks for sharing this with us.

'for the path to truth is so very narrow'

Somehow the worldly, worldly church has made it a 10 lane highway for everyone, especially the unclean and filthy.

I was thinking about you and your family out in Calif and Shadrach Meshach and Abednego came to mind.
With Jesus, even in a fiery furnace like California we thrive and live, even when our enemies try and sap the life out of us. Thanks for your love and prayers and lets have fun serving the eternal King of Glory who is not worried about a thing. He's able to keep that which you have committed to Him, your daughter. AMEN !

Praise God, & Thank you.