Sunday, August 13, 2017

Israel's Mr.Ballerina Brown Nose

Israeli lap dog and boot licker Netanyahu has never failed to bend to the will of his Washington pimps. Having no spine he prostitutes himself easily and quickly to his masters.
He always betrays those with the most faith in Israel, the so called settlers, to please his gods on the Potomac.

Netanyahu now bows to President Trumps meddling in Israel's internal affairs and has blocked building homes for those Jews who were betrayed by their government at Amona and Gush Katif in 2005 to please the other Washington pimp President George Bush.

Israel's Ballerina Brown Nose 
The proverbial, devious politician, always spinning truth and reality as he serves the wrong God & wrong agenda.

Embittered Amona evacuees threaten to build tents on new settlement

As patience wears thin with government decision to freeze construction work on new settlement of Amichai, and a seeming refusal among government ministries to take responsibility, former Amona residents point finger squarely at Netanyahu; pledge to erect tents on designated plot until work resumes; 'It is cruel to demand of us that we continue to wait.'

For the evacuees betrayed however, the buck ultimately stops with Prime Minister Netanyahu. “We are not getting into governmental work. It doesn’t interest us,” Buaron said. “The person who absolutely carries the responsibility is the prime minister.”


Thanks Jihad H. Obama ! 

Iran's parliament votes to increase spending on missile program

Iran's parliament has voted to funnel more funds to the nation's ballistic missile program.

If there were any justice in America, Obama would be behind bars for treason.


Tehran has not abandoned its desire to develop nuclear weapons, and the Obama agreement “only reinforced that trend and strengthened Iranian aggression in the region.”


The intersection of borders between Bhutan, China and India has seen an eight-week standoff with soldiers from opposing sides standing only 100 meters apart in some places



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