Saturday, June 4, 2016

Skating on Thin Ice

Admiral Sun Jianguo said China will not be bullied

Israel is the only country left which allows itself to be bullied by the U.S.

Russian submarine Severodvinsk

Admiral Warns: Russian Subs Waging Cold War-Style ‘Battle of the Atlantic’

Russia has stepped up its submarine operations and is regularly probing U.S. anti-submarine networks in a new “Battle of the Atlantic,” the commander of U.S. 6th Fleet said.

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U.S. flexes muscles as Asia worries about South China Sea row

The only muscle left is all in my mouth

Delusions of grandeur are hard to overcome for those who have fed at the trough of arrogance and pride and forgotten Who made them great.

God is in the business of humbling the proud.

Past leaders of proud, imperial world powers and empires all had a problem facing reality.
Obama is no different.
Like the many others before him, he is under a heavy duty delusion and won't get it until it's all over.

God had Nebuchadnezzar, King of the Babylonian Empire eating grass on all four like a cow for seven years until he got it right.
I don't think evil Obama is going to be that lucky!

Have you heard of the Russia, China Sub Sandwich ?

Deja vue all over again


As everyone is showering their latest dead idol with praise they will never give to God, here is my Mohammed Ali thought for the day.

It's bad enough to die in your sins, deluded with self righteousness and not having accepted the work of Jesus Christ, the blood of the perfect Passover Lamb on the cross to pay the punishment that was due us for our sins, but to die with the name of the false prophet Mohammed and stand before God, who happens to be Jewish, is a frightful and hopeless thought.

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