Friday, June 3, 2016

Obama Trojan Moving and Transport Company

Have you noticed how Mr. Jihad H. Obama is always selling us on how good Islam is when it's fruits from the beginning are drenched in bloodshed, hate and intolerance ?

The Obama game plan is clear; Cover up Islamic terrorists attacks in America

Do you remember how he called his fellow Muslim terrorist, US Army Major Nidal Hussein's Islamic terrorist attack against "unarmed" U.S. army soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas;


...and he got away with it easily, thanks to the worthless, worthless, worthless Republicans and the stupid dumbed down American majority headed for slaughter.

He even took the time to sell his number one lie at the Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado yesterday, where shortly after, 2 U.S. military jets crashed and we lost 9 army soldiers to the Texas flood.

(God is judging this most evil nation. Could Obama's star be falling, finally ?)

Talk about a Class 1 FALSE PROPHET in the Oval Office, and he gets way with it, with the help of the media.

Jihad Hussein O, he's been getting away easily with his stealth jihad for a long, long time.
That tells me that it is God who has allowed this national impotence at stopping him, and strong delusion to fall for him by so many for our own judgment.
We, America, ARE destroyed.

Obama Trojan Movers Inc.

This latest, half uncovered, smuggling network is just the tip of the iceberg

There is a simple reason why Jihad Hussein Obama and the Washington gang have left the southern border wide open all these years.

When the few survivors look back, they will look to this time when Cicero's traitors were firmly in place in Washington to destroy America from within.

It's done !

No Trump can reverse it and turn back the clock of God's judgments on the land with no future.

The Islamic terrorists, they're already here, many of them on government welfare.

Now, with the help of his revolution media, the Obama jihad regime has to cover up Islamic terrorist attacks by under-reporting them, giving them an Obama spin, or just sweeping them under the rug until they get too big to cover up.

Smuggling network guided illegals from Middle East terror hotbeds to U.S. border

A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.


See Something Say Nothing


How many of you out there fell for the slick talking, lying serpent, to your own destruction ?

America's future is not hard to see.
The drunk fellow is America and the enemy is seductress, Lady Greed, with a touch of evil, counting all her ill gotten $$$.


Thousands of Romanians were used as unwitting guinea pigs by psychiatrists to test drugs

It is an evil world and those proud ones who lead it are evil, motivated by the god of destruction, greed and lies, Satan.

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