Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Obama Trying to Start WW III Before He Leaves Office ?


Part-time Muslim Missionary
Part-time President
Full-time liar
How incredibly stupid of Obama to initiate a large scale military exercise like this right on Russia's border, anywhere but the border.
How would we American's think and react if Russia did a major military exercise with and in Canada or Mexico along with 24 other countries right on our border ?

Can he and NATO be this stupid ?

This is evil, insane stupidity for a president to do, unless he is intentionally stirring up serious trouble for a nefarious agenda.
The Globalists need a big war to bring in their Satanic, anti-Utopian, New World Order out of the ashes, Order out of Chaos.

It's hard to miss, Obama has evil intent all over him, especially his face.

For sure Russia and Putin will see this as a direct threat aimed at them and will react accordingly, which is not good for any living things, especially those in Eastern Europe, Europe and in Obama-land.

We are not heading back into a "cold war" but a very hot war, thanks to the fool in the White House who keeps poking and provoking the bear.

I hope and pray that God has given you enough discernment to see what is at the door, and you are right with God, saved by the blood of Jesus, praying daily, and ready for what is coming.

Poke the bear, WW III season now open


Anonymous said...

I am watching this seriously!

They are acting like complete fools in threatening Russia like this. Obviously Mr.O is carrying out the orders of those who have placed him in office, and KEPT him there, to do what he has done and is doing now.

Knowing The SON of GOD, JESUS CHRIST, Y'SHUA ha MOSHIACH, and obeying HIS+ Voice, is ALL that matters.

Marcel Cousineau said...

It's more serious than most realize.

In this very temporal life, Eternal life in Jesus Christ is our only hope in this man centered, insane, about to crash into hell, evil world. Amen!

Noodles said...

Assuming of course, that Hussein (insane in the membrane) actually has plans on leaving office...I doubt it.

Marcel Cousineau said...

I agree with you Noodles.
I'm just trying to see what God's plan is in all of this.
I feel, sense, know, major destruction is coming to Sodom and Gomorrah, N.A., sooner than later.

You know, the old Yiddish saying, Man plans, God laughs.