Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dizzy World

Fantasy, Dizzy World Orlando, America wakes up in hell.
We're headed as a nation right where we are supposed to.

Psalm 9:17

We have the false illusion that we are safe in Obama's changed forever America.
As the slumbering and comatose population relax beach side and enjoy the beauty and relax,
an imported Obama predator invades the no longer peaceful environment.

Orlando 2.0, Warning signs everywhere

Only after it is too late will the average American, brainwashed by the media and deceived by the slick words of the serpent wake up.

Homeland Security failure Jeh Johnson targets everyone but Muslim terrorists

Keep in mind that Obama creation ISIS has promised to deliver more ISLAMIC terrorist attacks here in America, and the government propaganda media is sweeping this under the rug.

I wondered why they would not connect the call by ISIS for Muslims to attack we infidels during their "un-holy Ramadan month" ?

Of course, I got it;
They are separating  Ramadan/Islam from  terrorism to protect the cult of death, mass bloodshed, death and hate.

The hostage taker in Amarillo, at the Wal Mart this week was a Muslim from Iran and the media covered this up.

Threats against San Diego

You can be sure that Obama and his regime will allow these ISLAMIC terrorist attacks during this long hot summer. They are advancing their agenda out in the open now.

No reason  to hide it anymore, look for all of them to boldly attack  US American citizens while hiding and protecting the Muslim terrorists they have intentionally brought into this country.

As the reprobate DHS traitor Johnson and Jihad Hussein Obama make very clear ;

We, the infidels of America are the enemy.

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