Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Corrupt Government of Obscene Failure

“He makes the nations great, then destroys them;...

“He deprives of intelligence the chiefs of the earth’s people and makes them wander in a pathless waste. “They grope in darkness with no light, and He makes them stagger like a drunken man.
Job 12

Two days after the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando we have an Islamic propagandist President who still can not bring himself to identify the enemy.


Not just in Egypt

The reprobate Democrats in Congress, putting on their best dog and pony show, are out as usual attacking the gun and keeping the Muslim terrorist invasion of America and criminal invasion across our southern borders safe from any wise correction or review as they refuse to deal with the real problems.

Typical political corruption at it's best under the unaccountable, friendly to Islamic terrorist, Obama tyranny of destruction.

The Failed FBI refuse to admit their gross incompetence and failure after another easy pass investigation of the red flag, mass murderer because he was Muslim.

Like the lawless, illegal invaders that the lawless U.S. government call undocumented and fund, the Muslim terrorists in our midst are afforded the best of everything while we are made to suffer for Washington's crimes of public dis-service and outright treason.
The imported Muslim terrorists get special treatment in Obama's dysfunctional, changed for the worse, much worse, America, that the average citizen is not afforded, would never get.

Now, after the damage has been done, the Government Propaganda Media have to put on a good media INVESTIGATION show for the masses headed for more slaughter.
It's a post investigation to cover-up a government of major failure and gross incompetence in not doing a proper pre-investigation that would have stopped this evil Muslim man.

If the Muslim terrorist were an average non-Muslim military veteran he would not have been treated so well and would have been under continued FBI scrutiny.
They would have taken away his permits to own weapons if he were a military non Muslim veteran. 

When a nation is ruled by the incompetent class, this is what you get.

What we are seeing now is the investigation clowns and their propaganda show to lull us into believing they are doing something. Their many failures since Major Nidal Hassan and Obama's record of protecting these Islamic terrorists is swept under the rug.

Major Hassan was the Islamic terrorist in the US Army. His superiors promoted him to Major after they knew his Islamic terrorist email connections to Anwar al-Alwaki and his radical ISLAMIC views.

Washington always treats Islamic terrorists well and Jihad Hussein Obama is always defending the religion of all terrorism and hate.

They always give these Islamic terrorists they import into this country a pass and it is only after they murder in the name of their god Satan that they do a thorough investigation as a way of covering up their failure to get him before the attack.

There is NO excuse for their failure, and this goes back to every Muslim terrorist attack caused directly by their lax oversight, criminal open borders and lawless immigration and visa policies purposely intended to severely damage America.

This goes back to Republican and Democrat Administrations who sold the American people out to their nefarious globalist open borders agenda.

Well, as we can all see, it's been a complete failure in every way, but the overpaid, corrupt Washington criminals will never admit that.

The Big Show "Too Late" FBI Investigation gets the media spotlight

The big show is on now after the damage has been done in order to CON US on failed FBI/DHS professionalism, putting on a real good show in order to sell the public that they are doing something.

 It's only after their wolf got a pass from them and easily entered into the hen house and eaten all the chickens that they do a serious investigation.

They're doing nothing and will continue to give the Muslim terrorists a pass because that is high crimes and malfeasance Obama policy as he floods the US with thousands and thousands of Muslims from the lands of ISIS.

Guaranteed, we shall see more of these MUSLIM Terrorist attacks in America because of Washington's continued criminal negligence.



Marcel Cousineau said...

Good vent on the present insanity, Amen.

The devil and his followers know their time is almost up.

Thank God we have a hope that is out of this world, insane, self destructing, upside world that is.

Now I know why all who see Jesus returning will shout praise and say;

Only He, Messiah Jesus, can clean up this man made mess, and He will. Praise God He's got my vote !!!

doublenickel said...

Well said, Marcel and Dazzled. It was amazing how quickly the left identified the real culprits: Evangelical Christians and gun owners. I'm really surprised they didn't also include the Jews. There must be some angle they can use to do that...

Marcel Cousineau said...

'I'm really surprised they didn't also include the Jews'

France focused on the Jews and Israel last month and are this month busy trying to keep their country/house from falling down on their heads.
Maybe it's sinking in ? Probably not.

Noodles said...

Marcel, maybe you've seen, and if not, hopefully you'll enjoy....

1. https://youtu.be/na8RGyWazIU


Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks,I should have put it up on my blog.
Just so much happening but this on Jerusalem is super important,
Thanks again, Noodles