Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When the truth becomes hate speech

E.U., British Muslim's hate speech safe from being shut down

This is nothing more than a Facebook, YouTube, Google, (which owns this blog I write on) Twitter, Microsoft, the EU, UN and US move to protect the religion of hate.
Everyone of them give the Islamic terrorists a pass to get their message of hate across.
This shutdown is not directed against hate speech, incitement to violence from Muslims.
it's aimed at protecting the death cult of the false prophet and silencing free speech, not hate speech.
The control freaks hate the truth and only want their twisted lies to dominate their kingdom of darkness.

Exposing EU duplicity in giving Sudan's Bashir a pass for his genocide in Darfur is something they would love to silence and shut down my blog for.
There are many Muslim countries, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan who are pressuring the Orwellian, totalitarian, globalist elite they shower with bribes to silence the ugly reality I expose on the religion of hate and never ending bloodshed.

So if they shut down this website, you'll know why.


The same reprobate EU that does not even arrest IS trained Islamic terrorists when they return to Europe, releases Muslim terrorist to house arrest, the same EU that has not bothered to shut down Islamic State recruiting web sites recruiting Muslims from Europe for years, will only target the free speech of non-Muslims.

  Tech giants vow to tackle online hate speech withing 24 hours


The corrupt EU, US, UN are fast forwarding their anti-Israel agenda to create another failed Islamic state in a Judenfrei heartland of Israel and I am a loud opponent and foe against their evil agenda and getting more attention, little by little.
They want to shut up voices like mine who expose their evil Satanic plan.

Israel's settlement drive is becoming irreversible, diplomats fear

Mitzpe Yericho has stood on this escarpment close to the Dead Sea - the lowest point on earth - since 1978. It is one of more than 230 settlements Israelis have built on Islamic occupied land in the West Bank and East Israel's ancient homeland of Judea and Samaria and their eternal capitol Jerusalem over the past half-century.

These disgusting diplomat perverts are more concerned about Jews building homes than ISIS destroying cities, countries, crimes against humanity and wholesale genocide.

That's because these 'diplomats' and phony peace pimps are evil.


Anonymous said...

The nations as a whole are giving approval to anything islamic while openly leaving Christians and Jews to be slaughtered and horribly mistreated by these slaves of the "death-cult" of the demon possessed false "prophet"mohammad.

It seems that these butchers are the chosen killing machine of the " Ten Kings " global elite, It is well known that the C.I.A. with the help of the State Dept. has created, trained, and financed this filthy Daesh / isis entity.

All of the western nations are abandoning their own native born citizens on favor of the so called " refugee " invaders.

Keep speaking the truth Brother, no matter what Google may think. Yes! If they do shut you down we will know the reason why! They are nothing but a tool of the pro islamist, pro perversion, anti - CHRIST government that is in place.

May The LORD GOD of Israel bring them down and take Vengeance for HIS+ people, and for all of the innocent that are being made to suffer from their lies and filthy proxy wars across the earth. May The LORD GOD Destroy the Fourth Reich.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you brother.
Birds of the same feather, all tied together to their father of lies Satan, it's much easier to spot them all now.

Much deception withing the body, just listened to Nathan and Donna Leal's latest message on the TrumpMeister.


I didn't know about the FALSE Donald Prophecy that so many deceived Christians are falling for.
Read it on Charisma, what a marketplace tabloid of deception.
We are for sure in the last lap of this race.
Stay strong and endure.