Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Obama's Vietnam and Japan Tour

I heard how Obama was pushing his diversionary Climate Change crap on Vietnam's youth with no mention of the true threat to western civilization, and the world, Islam.

That led me to wonder;
I was truly surprised that the President didn't take any homosexuals or lesbians along on his trip to show the Vietnamese people how it's done ?

Now on to Japan for an embarrassing start for the ___________ in chief that most of the media are hiding.

Egypt learned this lesson about perverse Obama a few years ago

It's not often that our lying president is rebuked by anyone, especially a supposed ally like Japan.

Things are a changin with 'hope and change' Obama's immoral agenda, where many have become tired of all the evil, the lying and perversity.

"Obama, stop sending your criminals to Japan to murder our children"

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe protested to U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday about the killing of a young woman in Okinawa by an evil American with no morals.

"As Japanese prime minister, I protested sternly to President Obama over the recent incident in Okinawa," Abe told a news conference, flanked by the president ahead of a Group of Seven summit meeting starting on Thursday.

That took guts, Abe !

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