Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Netanyahu Replacing Apologetic Kitten With Unapologetic Lion

Update: May 19th

The US, EU, UN and the perverted Israeli faaaar left hate strong Israeli/Jewish leadership that is not always begging and under the thumb of an extremely biased against Israel world community.

 They love their surrender Jews weak and always retreating, appeasing and always rewarding bad Palestinian behavior.
So its to be expected that they are all freaking out over a strong, non-groveling, non-apologetic, JEWISH defense minister Lieberman who can't be pushed around like the rest of them.


Lieberman to join government, become defense minister

"Bogie's going, and that's for the best. It's been a year of tremendous damage to the IDF. A year of abandoning soldiers, a year of terrible army culture. Bogie needs to go home, and he's going…Lieberman's entering (the coalition) will make the government the most right-wing government in history, and that's good.

Looking in from the outside, it looks like Israeli PM. Netanyahu is preparing for the coming storm.

Israel needs as many tough leaders as they can who do not bend in the smallest breeze.
This move by an 'iffy' Bibi is long overdue.
At this moment the corrupt international community under the lead of the U.S. and other Quartet members are preparing to come after Israel with evil intent under the guise of a bogus peace process.

Kerry’s Cairo visit, Sisi’s speech has fueled speculation US-Egyptian initiative regarding Israel-Palestinians might be in works

Only bad things for Israel will spring forth from this latest US initiative.

Remember the rockets of Hamastan after Herr Bush forced Mr. Bulldozer to make Gush Katif Judenfrei ?

I do hope Israel ends the phony peace farce and begins to take a long overdue, loud and UNAPOLOGETIC stand for what little land they have, land which everyone is trying to steal from them.

Stop being the pin cushion of the world and take the "KICK ME" sign off your back, learn how to say no and especially "go to hell" when it comes to ANY more demands from anyone.
It's past time that you started demanding and show some sharpened lions teeth that everyone learns fast will bite with ferocious terror on the enemies and false friends of Israel.

Playing the part of the timid, apologetic wimp has failed Israel miserably and only brought scorn and no respect, even from so called friends.

It's always Israel and never the Palestinians who are required to surrender and preform 'goodwill gestures' to the Islamic terrorist Philistines by the Quartet Fourth Reich.

If anyone needs to surrender land for a Palestinian state, let it be ISIS surrendering land in what used to be Syria and Iraq and let the Palestinians follow the example of millions of Syrian refugees, pack their bags and leave Judea and Samaria, Israel for the destroyed lands of failed Islam.


Nicolas Maduro, el hefe de Venezuela 

What has gone wrong in Venezuela ?

They dissed Israel, that's what.

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