Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jihad Obama Says ISIS 'Shrinking'

White House says Isis 'shrinking' as group launches new attacks in Iraq, spreads into Yemen, Sinai, Libya. 

President Obama, being a pathological liar is not a virtue.

The 'well trained and equipped' (by the U.S. for over a decade) what a joke retreating Iraqi Army is so weak and afraid, it is incapable of retaking Mosul, months after they said they were going in !!!


Defeating ISIS: An Exclusive Look at What's Next for U.S. Troops in Iraq

“It is a different enemy,” he told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz from al Asad airbase in western Iraq. “This enemy that we are facing today, make no mistake, is out there to attack everyone.
We saw it in Paris, we saw it in Brussels, we’ve seen it in California.”

Check out the video to see what Islamic Hate did to Ramadi. 
The destroyer Satan has unleashed his forces to destroy everything. 
Nothing remains standing after Islamic Hate gets done.


BOKO HARAM sends their battle hardened, murderous Islamic terrorists to ISIS in Libya and their next stop could be Europe

Islamic hate Yemen suicide bomber kills 25 police recruits: medics

Islamic Hate attacks gas plant north of Baghdad

I gots to lie, it's my nature. and it's gotten so, so easy.
The media never hold me accountable for anything!

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