Monday, May 9, 2016


The Department of inJustice has decided to change it's name since it's no longer about justice.

The people can see we are not about justice as we always give a pass to our dear criminal elite who are above the law, just like we are.
Don't you worry Crooked Hillary, you've got nothing to worry about, our media perverts have their marching orders.

The new name by which DOJ will be known is;

The Department of Perversity Enforcement.


Remember 'Fast and Furious' and the last A.G., Eric, 'Gun Runner to the Mexican Cartels', Holder and how Team Obama got away with this felony crime ?

There is so much corruption rot in Washington you have to wear a gas mask when approaching.

N Carolina sues US Justice Department over LGBT law

The lawsuit seeks to keep the law upheld, calling the law a "common sense privacy policy" and accuses the federal government of "baseless and blatant overreach".

As it was in the days of Noah


Common sense in America ?

You've got to be kidding. It has fled this country.

I wonder how much time we have left as a nation before God reduces us to rubble and ash ?

He's an expert at doing this.

That is why archaeologists around the world continue to stay so busy digging up rubble of past civilizations everywhere on this twisted, perverted planet whose dopey people never, never, never learn.

Full of lies, proud America, whose cup of abominations is full, is repeating the same perversity playbook of the damned and doomed empires before they were destroyed.

another one bites the dust, and another one


It's not hard to understand why the second Islamic invasion of Europe is going so much better than their first invasion and why America's first Islamic invasion under Jihad Hussein Obama is going so well for them.

London’s Iconic Red Buses To Declare ‘Glory To Allah

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