Monday, May 30, 2016

Chad, One Down, One to Go ?

They finally brought one genocidal African dictator to justice, but it looks like they've given another one a pass.
Sudan's Omar al Bashir walks free for his genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur.
The truth is justice is very slow, very weak, very late, very selective, and almost non existent, and for some there is no justice here on this earth, but it's coming as sure as the Son rises.

The corrupt ICC in Brussels put an arrest warrant out for Bashir years ago, but they are too cowardly to do anything, and so they and their media prostitutes have just swept his crimes against humanity under their filthy rug.
The worthless UN and US hypocrites extraordinaire have also swept justice down the river because Omar is a Muslim.
This evil lot are all too busy targeting Israel for building homes on their God given land.

You got Habre' but you are too afraid to touch Sudan's Bashir

Chad's Hissène Habré found guilty of crimes against humanity

The US State Department and the CIA propped up Habré, sending him planeloads of weapons and money in return for fighting their enemy, Muammar Gaddafi, to the north. The US secretary of state, John Kerry, on Sunday acknowledged his country’s complicity in Habré’s crimes.

Habré was a remarkably able man with a brilliant sense of how to play the outside world," a former senior U.S. official said.
"He was also a bloodthirsty tyrant and torturer. It is fair to say we knew who and what he was and chose to turn a blind eye"

every dog has it's day, God will settle everyone's debt owed to Him  


The curse on Islam grows and grows

It's not just the internecine Muslim on Muslim genocide across much of the Middle East now

Cutaneous leishmaniasis: Disfiguring tropical disease sweeps across Middle East

I believe this new plague started with ISLAMIC STATE in Syria not burying all the corpses of those they butchered, tortured and murdered, just leaving their bodies in the streets to rot under the hot sun.

This and more misery is something they so richly deserve.

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