Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Pagan's Are Having Trouble With Their Idols

Inside President Obama's and Hillary Clinton's New Islamic Caliphate in Libya

The boy accused of blasphemy who cut off his own hand

Perverted and Twisted Islam Love Their False Prophet with Insane Devotion

The pagan's have turned their Mohammed into a god they worship and revere.

"The cleric hosting it worked the crowd into a fervour and, a few hours into the celebration, called out: "Who among you is a follower of Muhammad?" Everyone raised their hands.

He followed it with another question:
"Who among you doesn't believe in the teachings of the Holy Prophet? Raise your hands!" Qaiser, mishearing, inadvertently raised his hand."

Witnessed by about 100 worshipers, the cleric immediately accused him of blasphemy and the boy returned home to prove his love for the Prophet - by cutting off his own hand.
For a 15-year-old, Qaiser looked exceptionally frail when I met him.
But his fight with pain and fear was outweighed by a sense of religious righteousness. "When I raised my right hand unwittingly, I realized I had committed blasphemy and needed to atone for this,"

What a foul and evil religion.
Israel is nuts if they think they will ever find peace with these followers of Satan.

Mr. Mammon, the greedy one will save us

“He is the only one who can pull us back from the abyss,”

Evangelical's see Donald. the greedy one, Trump as a man of conviction, if not faith

One thing Obama and Trump have in common that brings sure destruction for the U.S.A.

Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling
Proverbs 16:18
The paganized Christian's of America have found another worthless, greedy idol to save them.
Supporters of their latest idol, Trump, have forgotten about God and fail to see their need for repentance! They have replaced him with another false messiah.


Israel is exactly where God wants her

“For from the top of the rocks I see Israel, And from the hills I look at him. Behold, the people [of Israel] shall dwell alone And will not be reckoned among the nations.
Numbers 23

But the faith challenged of Israel just cannot give up their worthless, backstabbing, lying idols whom they worship with great religious devotion.

Never more isolated: Bennett, Lapid slam Netanyahu's government

Lapid, for his part, focused on the government's public diplomacy policy and the Foreign Ministry's activities. "Never, in all Israeli history, was our situation worse than it is now," he said. "Our rift with the United States is the worst we have never known. It's not just the relationship between Netanyahu and Obama, but between Israel and the US.

I don't understand ?
We've been groveling and begging to our gods at the Temple in Washington for decades. We've obeyed them with great religious devotion and yet we are more estranged from our dearest idol ?
I've even gotten on my knees and prayed twice a day towards Washington to no avail.

Yesterday's announcement by the EU foreign ministers drives home the point that relations with Europe are also not good.

I think maybe we should have a mass suicide of the nation and then our perverted E.U. and U.S. idols will feel sorry for us and give we corpses a big hug with much acceptance and love ?

Maybe if we drive out more fellow Jews from their homes and then bulldoze them, the gods we serve will accept us ?

Maybe if we release more Palestinian ISLAMIC killers to kill more Jews again, our dear idols will love us  and come to our rescue ?
That is how delusional we godless, leftist, idiots are.

I lost my backbone, but I sure can make some great speeches that amount to nothing in the end, what do you expect,
I'm a politician!

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