Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Nation's United in War Against God

The false peace process led by the US has only brought jihad and death to Israel, never a day of peace.
It has only emboldened the evil followers of the false prophet Mohammed to cut away, piece by piece at Israel, which has been severely restrained and weakened by this evil "process."

Interesting isn't it, how Israel is always 'restrained' but never the Palestinian murderers and the Palestinian leadership who always celebrate the killing of innocent Jews like Shlomit ?

America will pay dearly for their evil scheme against Israel under the guise of peace process.
Israeli leaders, weakened by 'the process' only have weak and restrained measures against this latest Palestinian/Islamic War against Israel.
Yesterday the Palestinian terrorist killers for death god allah cut the life out of another young Israeli for the big lie the world calls peace process.

Plain and simple;

They want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and all the nations of the world know this fact and are on board with the plan.
You can see and understand this by watching how they always go after Israel for building homes while they give the killer Palestinian death cult a pass.
It's pure evil on the part of all the nations and they shall pay in kind as Germany, Sweden, Britain, (all of Europe, and coming to America) are already beginning to suffer under the knife, the bombs, the mass ISLAMIC terrorist attacks, rapes and pillaging of Islam in their own land and homes.

Their silence is deafening !

Woman stabbed in terrorist attack in Beit Horon succumbs to her wounds

It is nothing but the dismembering of Israel in the pieces process.
America's leaders know this going back to Jimmy Carter.
It was George W. Bush who helped create Hamastan, Gaza.
Any yet they continue to push Israel to surrender more and more to reward this evil blight on the world and the land of Israel.
The World knows this agenda and continues to push Israel into the abyss of Abbas as the disingenuous Canadians did yesterday.

Canada to send 'tough message' on violence to ally Israel

The disgusting and cowardly Canadian's like Israel's other phony friends, the US and the EU bullies find it much easier and less dangerous to attack Israel instead of the head cutters and suicide bombers.

The vile nations of the world are silent on the murder of Shlomit, who did it and why they did it, and how Palestinian leader Abbas is using Islamic terrorism to attack and crush Israel.
They always go out of their way to reward the Palestinian Terrorist Authority and blame Israel for their Islamic terrorist crimes against humanity.

Disgustingly. as they always do, they are blaming Israel and the Jews for building homes on the land they want to steal from them to create another Islamic terrorist state as they've done in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

For those of you out there who know the Bible, there can e no doubt that God has brought back Israel from the diaspora and told them, put it in their hearts and minds to build homes on the land HE GAVE THEM.
The Nations, United in their war against God are working hard to stop this building process with their fake peace process, and are using the vile, murderous Palestinians as their pawns in this war against the Israel of God.
Dead Palestinian murderers and crusaders for allah, aka Satan
The peace process has lost all the deterrence Israel had built up at one time and now the followers of the false prophet are coming out from the rocks they have been hiding under to attack innocent souls like young Shlomit.

Who really has the hate ? 

I say it's all of you who stand against Israel with the religion of hate, Islam.
How can any sane person honor such an evil religion birthed in the bowels of hell ?
The only, only, only answer is for Israel to not allow itself to be restrained by her enemies who masquerade as friends and to bring fear and terror back to their enemies.
It will take removing weak and spineless leaders who bow to these false allies and are responsible for these attacks by their weak and appeasing ways and replacing them with those Jews who do not go after other Jews to please their foreign gods.

How do you think the nations will come out in this war they have declared against God ?

This evil of the US, EU, UN and the Islamic nations will be met by the hot and destructive anger of God, read all about it. It's in the Bible.


doublenickel said...

Well said, Marcel. I remember the six-day war in 1967. It occurred just after my high school graduation. The nations of the world sat on their hands while Israel was attacked by seemingly overwhelming forces and while those forces had the upper hand. But when the tide turned, when Israel began to drive back and destroy her attackers, the world RUSHED TO THE AID of Israel's enemies and quickly called for a cease-fire to prevent another Esther scenario. Who knows what the present-day situation would be if Israel had been allowed "to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces...that would assault them" (Esth. 8:11)? It was obvious even to this 18-year-old what was going on. I also remember my Dad saying, "If this nation ever turns its back on Israel, its days are numbered". I think our days are numbered.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Who knows what the present-day situation would be if Israel had been allowed "to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces...that would assault them"'

I'm not sure where you are coming from ?

Israel is not like the muslim enemies it faces.
First they love life and hate war.
the followers of the false prophet hate life and love war, in fact the Hamas charter calls for the EXTERMINATION of Israel and the Jews.

Israel will not destroy, kill and annihilate their enemies as God Himself has promised to do it.

Israel has a habit of turning the other cheek unlike America which has proven to be a MIC war monger nation always at war and losing every one since WW II.
Israel gets attacked by evil enemies and America races in to stop, restrain Israel when certain defeat is near for Hamas and Hezbollah.

When God destroys Israels enemies, personally... (Ezekiel 38 is a good read)
Only then will the hypocrite nations wake up from their stupor and end their evil anti-Israel agenda where they coddle Hamas and turn a blind eye to the evil nature of Islam and it's agenda to destroy, kill and annihilate ISRAEL.

The USA being the chief rescuer of Hezbollah and Hamas from Israel defeating them in 2006, 2012 and the summer of 2014 will pay dearly at the hands of God for their evil.

doublenickel said...

Don't get excited, Marcel. Just quoting the Bible from Esther in a similar scenario. I'm sure Israel would never avail itself of such carte blanche--actually, they didn't then either. Their measures were then, as they would be now, restrained by their national character. However, the point I'm trying to make is that they were PREVENTED from attaining the complete victory which should have been theirs. The nations of the world WILL be defeated finally by the Lord of Hosts, and Israel will be vindicated. And those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse him will be cursed, as it is even now, for those with eyes to see. But my question (purely rhetorical, because God is working out events according to His own plan) is what would the current scene look like if Israel been allowed to achieve the victory in 1967? Frankly, I don't know. But God didn't mean for them to have that victory then. He had other plans, and the rebellious nations of the world were used by Him even in their duplicity to work out those plans. He won't be thwarted, even if it looks like His righteousness has many setbacks. That's only from our point of view.

Bug said...

Keep it up, your voice of truth is desperately needed! There are so few like yourself. Blessings on you.