Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh was formulating a plan to attack Israeli soldiers

The FBI was alerted to Samy Mohamed Hamzeh in September, when he was formulating a plan to attack Israeli soldiers and citizens living in the West Bank

Hamzeh said he would be "happy 100 percent" if he could kill 30 people "because 30 will terrify the world. [They] will know that nobody can play with Muslims," according to the charging documents.

There's that M word again that the Government Media Propaganda Ministry always leave out.
Hi, my name is Sami and I want to kill innocent people for my religion of hate and intolerance, Islam

Will we ever learn his background, where he worked ? How, once again the derelict US Government let another radical Islamic terrorist into the country ?


The US Media are doing a typically poor job of covering this latest Islamic threat to the USA.

Downplaying and covering up the Islamic threat which our own government imports into this country for nefarious reasons.
The same nefarious reason that they keep the borders wide open for criminal's, illegals and ISLAMIC terrorist to enter the US with ease.
All of this dis-information and propaganda is to be expected from a corrupt media who fall on their knees to follow orders from the defender of Islam in the White House, B. Hussein O.
I so wanted to bow down and kiss your smelly left hand but the camera's are rolling

Their agenda is to downplay and cover up the real threat of Obama's plan to flood this country with Muslims from jihad infested Muslim countries.

I'm surprised that we even heard about this news story ?

It was not an easy Google search without his name and few media are covering this story.
When I heard this news on the radio, the propaganda media did not use the word 'terrorist' once, and as always they protected the religion of this terrorism, Islam.
Again, no mention of the religion that motivated this evil man.

They did use the word's domestic attack that deflects everyone away from the planner of this attack, a Muslim, follower of hte false prophet Mohammed.
When the propaganda media use the word domestic, it is meant to infer angry white people, militia's, unhappy with the corrupt government, anyone but Islamic terrorists. It is noteworthy to understand that this Muslim was going to go to Israel from the USA heartland to kill IDF soldiers. Insane, corrupt, perverted America is no longer the land where Israel can look to for good things.
Israel, due to it's insane political correctness, or fear of angering the already angry Muslim terrorists, is having the same problem of identifying the enemy.
They also have an unhinged government.

Reprobate Nation of Slaves Headed For the Graves

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