Friday, January 29, 2016

Planet Toxic Farce

Is the farce with you ?

The human herd is on the wide road to destruction!

Therefore thus says the Lord, “Behold I am bringing disaster on them which they will not be able to escape; though they will cry to Me, yet I will not listen to them.
Jeremiah 11
Lets be honest, the world is careening towards many nightmare disasters, and all at once.
Of the many, many disasters facing the world, Islam's evil plans to dominate the world and the little mosquito Zika virus are in overtime, full frontal assault.
We also have the pompous, perverted nut Obama butting heads with Putin over Syria, which will not end well for planet toxic farce.

Then we have the mad North Korean dictator who wants to drop a nuclear bomb or two or three on his USA enemy in a very planned way whom no one is stopping, they're too busy trying to stop Jews from building homes in their ancient homeland of Israel.

We also have Japan's ongoing Fukishima radiation polluting all living things and killing the Pacific Ocean, another example of the do nothing elite global leadership who find it easier to cover up and do nothing but lie to the blind sheep headed for the slaughter house.

Getting toxic water out of your tap ?
The people in Flint, Michigan wrongly trusted their elected leaders not to poison them.

Japan has been a major donor of hundreds of million$ to the Palestinian Terrorist Authority cause and have been paying dearly, suffering greatly, for their good bad works of the flesh.

Major world economies are bankrupt, Japan's is collapsing, and the world is in turmoil as it's blind leaders can do only what they are good at, lie, lie, lie and lie some more.
Will there be and pity or redemption for those fools who chose to follow the blind leaders of the blind into the ditch of destruction ?
No, no pity or mercy because they chose wrongly to ignore the truth and the God of truth and follow lies and fables.
Those who chose to bury their heads in the sand have rejected the truth and chosen darkness, and into the dark hole they shall go.
There was a time when God told his man Jeremiah to not even pray for His people, it was too late and Israel entered into severe judgments at the hand of their God.
Do you really think Sodom and Gomorrah America has a prayer?
If you do, then you do not read, study or know the word of God and follow and listen to false prophets who tickle your ears with their lies.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.
Matthew 7
The truth is a costly thing, more costly than all of proud and blind fool leading the blind, Donald Trumps billion$.
The majority find it easy to betray and compromise the truth when it cost's them their lives, votes or money and fame.

They are earthly minded, the toxic farce planet of lies and deception has their heart and soul.

As Messiah taught us, the road to destruction is wide indeed and the way to everlasting life is very narrow and few be there who find it.

 Who are you to judge ?

God is Judge of the living and He has made His will and standard for mankind clear, and we've broken every one and assumed wrongly that He would turn a blind eye to our global rebellion.

Why do so many choose to follow the wide road of lies, mirages, fables and delusion's ?
Because it's an easy road and doesn't cost much and following the herd off the cliff into the abyss.
The wide path is always most popular and acceptable in this twisted and rebellious world that has been reduced to a toxic farce under the rule of stupid human beings who fail to understand that rebellion against the Creator has only 1 outcome,  a very bad one for every-proud-one .

Many of you drowning in toxic religion's assume God would never keep His word of destroying the wicked, as He had to do in Noah's day, you are deluded and calling God a liar and spend waste too much time at Mickey Mouse World.
So, if you are listening to politicians trying to get elected to places of great power and influence, please keep in mind that they are all certain to fail because God is angry with the injustice and corrupt, evil nature that mankind has chosen to embrace instead of what is right and good.

The wicked who call evil, good and good, evil do not even seek God and for this they are in trouble and face the wrath of God on themselves, justly so.

We are living in the times of great shaking and judgments that will make the days of Noah look like a picnic by a quiet stream.

Isaiah 24 touches on this day we are now living in.

Many have been deceived to believe  man is God, in control of his own destiny, and capable of accomplishing anything.
He does create endless wars and  will self destruct in the end.

Hillary or Trump will only bring you to a hopeless dead end, just as the pathological liar Obama has.
I have two very simple examples of the futility of man being able to fix anything let alone turn this cursed earth into an sort of utopia, all lies by the blind guides of the blind fools who follow them.

Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

Man's pride leads to destruction, the little 'tampered with' mosquito is a perfect example of this.
You can be sure cover up and denial and much help from a deviant media will work to absolve the criminally negligent scientists of any responsibility.
They've dumbed down the population to the point most will believe any lie they are fed.

Since the mad Frankenstein scientists have begun to tamper with the creation of the Creator with their DNA splicing and genetic modifications of life and foods they have opened Pandora's box of terrifying things that we shall all face.
I find it interesting and curious that not long after the mad scientists (who are put up on a high pedestal of false gods by so many) genetically modified mosquito's and released them upon the earth that we are now face by a new mosquito virus out of nowhere.
The new virus called the Zika Virus  is spreading rapidly everywhere, and just after GM mosquito's have been released  everywhere.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Follow the big money that is doled out by the Govt. to these white coat Frankenstein's for their dark, arrogant agendas of tampering with God's creation. it's corrupted and poisoned everything, this love of money.
The mad scientists have always pointed their fingers away from their criminal negligence and responsibility and fed us with lies and false studies and reports, along with their billion$ in advertising lies and propaganda while getting a pass from their fellow mad scientists at FDA and NIH.
Women in El Salvador have been told not to get pregnant for two years due to this virus creating deformities in babies.
Are the evil scientists working on another avenue of population control having already contaminated the food supply with their toxic chemical additives ?

The worlds double standard against Israel will be judged harshly by God

The second example is the injustice that is part and parcel of the US, UN, EU, ICC, New World Order perverts. Some years ago the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Sudan's MUSLIM President Omar al Bashir for genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

The US, EU, UN, ICC hypocrites, the whole world have chosen to give the genocidal Muslim leader a pass and ignore his evil deeds while targeting Jews for building homes on their land in obedience to God's command to rebuild when He has returned them to their ancient homeland.
The evil and outrageously hypocritical nations have made the wrong, fateful choice and will pay for this in ways that their blind, foolish minds can not even imaging.
As the arrogant, stupid, militant Bundy gang in Oregon learned, you can't fight the US Government, FBI and win, so will everyone who has chosen what looks like an easy wide path of attacking Israel for nothing but their evil hearts will learn, you always lose when you assume to fight God.
God has given a wicked nation wicked people to rule over them. Freedom has been sold for a vile and filthy plate of godless perversity and wickedness. How stupid America was to turn away from God who gave us freedom.
This war of humanity against God will turn the earth into a toxic wasteland with few survivors, and it's already underway.
Think about how a little mosquito is bringing terror and fear to so many, you ain't seen nothing yet, folks.

Why are none of the politicians running for president talking about what Obama, Hillary and NATO did to Libya ?

Also, on Friday Marine General Joseph Dunford,

chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, urged decisive military action to halt the progress of IS in Libya, warning the global terrorist group was seeking to use the country as a regional headquarters and staging base.

Why hasn't our jihad president been impeached, indicted, arrested and tried in a US Court for his crimes of malfeasance related to helping to destroy Libya and turn it into an Islamic State, Al-Qaida, and the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold ?
The answer is because everyone else including the worthless Republican's are as corrupt as him.

“Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, For they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him, For the reward of his hands shall be given him.
Isaiah 3:10-11

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