Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu a Wimp ?

Settlers tell Netanyahu: Block Palestinian media broadcasts

Why should the 'settlers' be the ones to tell Netanyahu to do something that he should have done long, long ago ?
This failure on the part of Netanyahu along with releasing so many Muslim terrorists to kill again, his status quo of rewarding Islamic terrorism by surrendering the Temple Mount to those intent on exterminating Israel, and his midnight raid on fellow Jews of Migron has convinced me that he is a wimp and that his weak policies and status quo are not long for Israel and the world.

Under phony right wing Netanyahu, Jews are not even allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, all to appease Israel's enemies who have no desire for peace.
He makes Neville Chamberlain look like Winston Churchill.

No amount of spin can wipe away his nature of appeasement and capitulation under pressure to those who mean Israel harm.

Will Netanyahu shut down the Palestinian hate and propaganda media and really get serious about winning this war that Islam has initiated against Israel with their front line Palestinian jihad army and brainwashed Palestinian girls and boys on a killing spree across Israel ?

No, I seriously doubt it.

In  the first Gaza war of 2012 when witch Hillary Clinton flew into Israel on her fast broom to rescue Hamas from certain defeat, P.M. Netanyahu melted like butter on a hot summer day and retreated the IDF from Gaza.
We can't let you defeat another Arab army ever again, got it, puppy ?

Again in 2014 during the second Gaza war, when the replacement Secretary of State, John Kerry flew in to rescue Hamas from certain defeat, the same lap dog Prime Minister quickly folded again, revealing again to all how easily he is manipulated by his pimps in Washington.

The consummate politician, Benji, who rules Israel, is more concerned about maintaining the un-maintainable status quo and not angering the perverted leaders of the hypocrite nations who are siding with the evil forces arrayed against Israel.
He thinks like a dhimmi, that submitting to the always threatening Arab/Muslim bully nations, this will bring peace to Israel. no, it brings the opposite, Neville.

Submission to evil never brings peace, but it does bring the opposite.

The Prime Minister is more concerned about not rocking the already sinking boat than he is about doing what is sane, sensible and right, so he will not shut down the Nazi Palestinian propaganda machine that spews hate and murder.
He's afraid and can not stand up to the US, EU, UN hypocrites who always come to the rescue of Israel's enemies.

The ballerina is always spinning and turning

For this reason Netanyahu is someone that we should all look to from our rear view mirror as we've done with Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. Netanyahu is a part of Israel's failed agenda which is weakness and that only leads to major conflict because that is where appeasement and the status Quo always leads!

Change is coming to Israel

And it will not be pretty, because appeasement and exuding weakness before the enemy never leads to anything pretty.

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