Saturday, January 2, 2016

Obama's Engineered American Chaos is On the Way

The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth.
The Lord laughs at him, for He sees his day is coming.
The wicked have drawn the sword and bent their bow to cast down the afflicted and the needy, To slay those who are upright in conduct.
Their sword will enter their own heart, And their bows will be broken.
Psalm 37

As the Feral Government grows more oppressive, and it will, watch for more Draconian Federal Executive Orders to be unleashed under the cover of major catastrophes that are heading our way.
The internet is slowly being shut down as an avenue to search for and communicate the truth.
Here is what our elected officials would be saying if they could tell the truth and did not live in a big Orwellian lie, a delusion of their own making. All part of the Globalist's New World Dis-Order.

From the land of the fees and home of the graves, comes the truth for a change...

Obama's War on America 2016

We, the very corrupt men of great power and influence who rule this nation know what is best for you little people, you can call us your new gods.
We have been working tirelessly to undermine you and this nation in so many crafty and deceptive ways, all to bring about our dark agenda of a global world government where Satan, our master reigns supreme.
Who woulda thunk we would be capable of such evil? Ha, we fooled ya!

It is we who continue to import the Islamic terrorists and criminal gangs from Mexico and Central America across our intentionally wide open borders, and feeding and housing them on your dime. Our destroyer Obama has released thousands and thousands of criminals from prison to prey on you once again. The 1 problem is that too many of you are armed and prepared for the coming slaughter that we are intentionally engineering just for you.
Our new 'American values' are;
We will do what we want whether the majority of people like it or not. This is no longer a Republic but a dictatorship, if you haven't already noticed.
We are now at war with the American people who resist our New World Order agenda.
The religion of peace
With  great arrogance and no accountability, we shall continue to import Islamic terrorist's and their families into this nation so that we can unleash our totalitarian police state on you, our dear, trusting voters. We are grateful that you are so easily manipulated by our government media propaganda.
Watch more of our Hollywood created distractions, mind destroying TV and play your latest video games while you fatten up for the slaughter.

Major killer of infidel's for allah
We made Palestinian/Islamic terrorist and US Major Nidal Malik Hasan a Major, even after we knew he was radicalized and in (email) contact with our other dear American Muslim Islamic terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.
That is how wicked and perverted we who lead this nation have become.
Who are the terrorists? Muslim TSA searching white Nun
After he killed 13 unarmed US Army soldiers and wounded 32 others, our first Taqiyya President called it workplace violence and not what was evident to everyone, ISLAMIC terrorism ...and our terrorizer and grand liar in the White House got away with it....easily.

We did that because we look after our partners in chaos with devotion while we look to you with evil intent as our TSA and DHS has proven time and time again.
We so often let these Islamic terrorists slip by and only move in AFTER they have attacked easy gun free targets.
Our success in brainwashing and dividing you gullible sheep has been made so much easier by modern technology which you have yet to see is a snare around your necks.
When we implement our new world economy with our loyalty mark, it will trap millions of careless Christians.

We got rid of God and replaced him with our high tech surveillance and the NSA.
Now we wrongly believe the we are as omnipotent as He is.
You will bow to us and serve no other God is the first rule of our Fourth Reich.

The old Communist playbook is at work here;

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis
We create the problems by overspending like drunken sailors, illegal immigration, bringing in Islamic terrorists, etc. all leading to the coming Chaos in order to bring about our final solution to the problem of freedom and everything good.
You see, we are evil at heart and serve the greatest enemy of the living God, haSatan.

We have many useful idiots who serve our agenda and others who are
on the stupid pill.

Our god, Satan has been working long and hard to destroy America and we have come to the final hurdle in implementing our Satan's agenda for America.

The times has come to disarm law abiding American's so that our Islamic terrorist imports and free roaming gangs with hundreds and thousands of criminals that our god, Herr Obama has released from prison can bring unimaginable chaos and destruction to this now godless land when we collapse our economy. It's all been planned in our prostitute laden back rooms in Washington. That is why we do not disarm the gangs, but will disarm you "much easier targets".

The plan is to make you believe that we are doing all of this to protect you from 'the bad people' that we opened the doors to so that we can spy on you and enslave you while ignoring the real enemy whom we have sanitized, coddled and protect against what is left of your sane and sound defense mechanisms.
We are evil like them and that is why we and our media will always demonize you if you dare speak the truth about the evident nature of Islam.
Our Beta test in Boston worked well for us as the dumb sheep of America headed for slaughter went along with our Police state lock down of Boston as we, ha,ha,ha, looked for 1 Islamic terrorist that we imported,fed, bed and sent to university on your dime. lol, ha,ha,ha.

We have been allowed to destroy this already decaying nation because God's
people refused to be the light and salt where He placed them, instead they chased after many idols and loved this world more than they loved God.
In their pride, they thought they were better than Israel before, when they rebelled against God.
They are just the same, stinking filthy flesh at best as this coming judgment will attest.

So, judgment is now upon the land.

Our same scenario is in play in the EU and working well with chaos all over the place, from Sweden to Germany to France,  the UK, and everywhere in between.
The Russian's are giving us some resistance with our evil Globalist agenda but we are proud and stupid enough to bite off more than we can chew.

We have been using the same strategy against Israel by keeping the Palestinian Terrorist Authority fed and strong with billions of your US dollars so that they can remain a well trained and viable threat against naive Israel when the time comes.
Under our phony peace lie it's worked well as we have greatly restrained Israel and also convinced their weak and gullible leaders to aid their Palestinian destroyers for our Satanic peace of jihad.
The Palestinians would have dried up like dead leaves and blown away long ago if not for US,UN, UK and EU's billions and billions of dollars in support, and Israel's 'stupid pill' assistance.

Rebellious Israel did not obey their God

Instead they chose to listen their superpower gods, the corrupt, greedy liars and perverts who never keep their word.

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Insane France Love Their Islamic Terrorists More Than Their Own Lives

My fellow Frenchmen have become too godless and therefore are on the path to national suicide.
If they had any sense they would execute every Islamic terrorists found guilty in France.
That would send a much needed message to the rabid dogs.


Anonymous said...

Yes! It is happening right in front of our eyes! I had expected some kind of uprising by now, but no, nothing except complaining, which is the norm in America Babylon.

I saw a photo of THOUSANDS of people trying to cram into Disney World over Christmas, to enrich the Ilumanistic Disney organization. I have heard that materialism and Hedonism makes people dull and slow to react or take any stand. " Just keep the bread and circuses coming, and we will do anything you say. "

America is SURELY under Judgment. "Double unto her Double." As America has done unto others, so it will be done unto her.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the incident's in Ferguson, Mo., Cleveland and Chicago we can see the unrest building, Black lives matter. Louie Farrakhan, the Republican's and Democrats rage against Donald Trump, and how Obama has divided this country, it's not hard to see what is coming.
I would love to get out of Dodge before the fire and brimstone starts falling.
Marcel C.

Anonymous said...
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Marcel Cousineau said...

While Islam is in jihad across the globe and committing daily atrocities and crimes against humanity, and our Muslim in the White House is flooding the nation with this cursed lot, you blame the Jews.
You are a sick-twisted-perverted-reprobate soul, if you didn't already know it.
You, no name, hollow, dark, empty soul and your partner Lucifer and his FALLEN angels are the reason why hell was created.
There is not much time left for you to escape God's wrath.

The Faithful said...

God, I pray that we are counted worthy to escape the things that are going to come upon this earth. I love You Lord and I thank You. In Jesus Name. Amen

doublenickel said...

Marcel, he's just going to laugh at you. But it needed to be said, anyway. I'm just amazed (maybe I shouldn't be) how much Israel-hatred there is out there. Looking at the situation in the Middle East, a rational person would have to say that it's crazy. But if you have a Biblical worldview, it all makes sense. Israel-hatred is instigated by the evil one. No other rational explanation for it. But as for me, I stand with the descendants of Jacob, because I want the blessing. But here's a scary thought: Could the Abrahamic curse/blessing apply to ALL his descendants? In other words, should we not also seek to bless the descendants of Ishmael? Just occurred to me.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Revelation 12 is a good read on the one who is behind the Jew and Israel hate war now escalating.

Ishmael is the son of the 'bondwoman' Issac is the son of God's promise to Abraham.
His inheritance is not with Israel just as Esau lost his inheritance to younger brother Jacob.

We got serious trouble across the globe because Abraham listened to his wife and jumped in the sack with Hagar.

The road to hell is paved with these Ishmael, works of the flesh, trying to help God out, and 'good intentions'.