Saturday, August 11, 2018


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
Fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7

With all the higher lowest, base education, and more schools and universities on the planet than ever before, it has all failed.

I  knew someone with a Masters Degree who thought he was really smart.
Sadly he did not know how blind and stupid he was.

Stupidity has conquered humanity, except for a remnant.

The reason there are more stupid (wicked) people everywhere than ever before is because there is less and less fear (reverence, respect, honor) of God than there was in the past.

There was a time when morality and understanding the wisdom of obeying the laws of God kept stupidity in check and commonsense in high supply.
Those days are long gone and now thanks to the godless, evil government agenda of expelling God from the public square and substituting lies, evil and confusion, insanity rules America.
The replacement gods, world leaders and those behind the curtain are the dumbest of all, and they are leading humanity to hell.
Politicians are inept and impotent when it comes to fixing anything, so they just lie with a big smile, even the latest idol of so many deceived Christians, president Trump.

All mankind is stupid, devoid of knowledge;
Every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols,
For his molten images are deceitful,
And there is no breath in them.

Jeremiah 51: 17

The curse of forgetting God is stupidity !


Stupid European leaders opened the doors wide for their Islamic destroyers unlike their much wiser ancestors, and still they are stuck on stupid, and in denial!

Europe: Islamic Prayer in Conquered Europe, it's Public Infidel & Dhimmi Spaces

That 140,000 Muslims recently gathered in England for a public prayer event organized by a mosque known for its extremism and links to jihadi terrorists, should not only alarm the British authorities, but those in other European countries as well.


Lois Vogel Sharp,

You say so many important things in this video.
Thank You, especially for the warning to those deceived by the early rapture lie and how many will think God has forsaken them.
This is very very critically important message for them to hear.

I do not see God saving America as you do.
If He didn't even save His covenant people Israel from invasion and defeat at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar whom He raised up He will not save America from destruction coming from the many foes He has raised up against us for this hour.
Trump is a big false hope, idol for deceived Christians, a big deception. He keeps picking junk like Omorosa, Chris Wray, Rex Tillerson, Jeff useless Sessions, Rot Rosenstein, etc. and the queer he picked as ambassador to Germany.


Crews battle growing wildfire near homes in California

The Holy Fire — named for Holy Jim Canyon where it began Monday — grew to nearly 33 square miles (85 square kilometers) by Saturday morning. But firefighters also made progress, with containment rising from 10 to 29 percent.


 First of all Google does not have any 'unknown regions' or locations'.

They've mapped the world and know all the countries, regions & locations.

My guess is they know the location is Obama's basement mosque/prayer room in  Washington D.C.
(for 13 years I've ben blogging with google and this is the first time I've seen "unknown region", and it's only appeared recently, since I posted the pic of Jihad O. and Uncle Joe :)

Second- Why do they call it a 'location' instead of a country ?
For some time Google has been manipulating the stats here.
More often then ever now they just shut it down with 'not avaliable at this time'.

Also a 'do evil' hacker team have blocked me from signing in with their data dumps as I go to sign in.
The only reason I believe they have not disappeared RPD is because the big eyes have told them to keep it online for them to watch. 


Anonymous said...

We are getting "Unknown Regions" also !
What are these people doing now ?

The evil and GROSS uncleanness that is covering the world is growing exponentially daily.

Only The SPIRIT of YHWH can fight this, the flesh profits NOTHING.
LORD GOD, Heavenly FATHER, help the Remnant, cloth them with Power from on High, in The Name of your Eternal SON+ our LORD we pray.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi brother,
I assume this has been a new development for you also ?
If the GOOG were honest they would tell us 'known unknown LOCATION'
... but they lie and then they lie.
Hell will be full of liars and deceivers.
It's only by the LORD that I am still here at RPD.

'The evil and GROSS uncleanness that is covering the world is growing exponentially daily.'

Amen, the nations grow more mad by the day as are the wicked.

THANKS for your comment Samson.

Anonymous said...

Yes Marcel.
The "Unknown Location" began as soon as we published the
governments involvement in buying Aborted Baby body parts for the FDA's Accursed and useless experiments with mice. About 3 days ago.
Must not be PC to say anything bad about the abomination.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

lots of trouble signing in just now at least 30 minutes of delete and delete.

I guess that means we are making a dent ?

'Must not be PC to say anything bad about the abomination.'

These sons of darkness don't realize God is watching them and will hold them to account, stupid indeed.

I believe the evil people like to hide everything the truth in the darkness.

Feds Continue Classified Experiments on Humans

At least 12 programs run by the Department of Energy are using human beings as part of the experiments, which operate under unusual names such as "Moose Drool," "Little Workers," and "Hidden Valley," among others.

they are evil