Friday, August 3, 2018


Girl, 4, dies after mom tosses her into Hillsborough River

“It’s a crazy scene that we are still unraveling. It’s a completely tragic event. It’s a crazy world we live in,” Dugan said.


Girl dead after mother seen throwing her into Hillsborough River, Tampa police chief says

"It’s disgusting," he said


“The country’s major religious associations on Tuesday proposed an initiative demanding that all religious venues raise China’s national flag to strengthen awareness of respect for the flag and preserve the flag’s dignity,



The evil & corrupt US media and corrupt Obama government covered this up because reporting it would reveal the stupidity and incompetence of the lawless and criminal Obama regime

“She had access to the most damaging database

the potential breach was not reported to any of the congressional intelligence or oversight committees.

Have you noticed how the evil US media always gave their lawless, corrupt, lying, criminal Obama a pass for his crimes but go out of their way to make up fake news to carry out their soft coup against the other duly elected President Trump who happens to be a Capitalist and not an extreme left Marxist ?


The fact that no one, not even the Department of inJustice, including Bobbie Muller are investigation the many crimes of the corrupt Obama regime, Hillary and her Russia collusion, the deep corruption in the FBICIADOJNSADIA etc., and have wasted millions and a year and a half  with the Karl Marx embracing media's help trying to take down Trump reveals the hopeless state of divided unto death, doomed wicked, godless America.


Unlike in Tel Aviv where shop-owners across the city dig out their rainbow flags to hang weeks ahead of the parade, Jerusalem Pride is a one-day event that parts of the capital would rather hide


Israel will suffer greatly for mocking God and embracing this abomination and gross wickedness


UK is Evil 


Tommy Robinson Gives POWERFUL Interview with Tucker Carlson

evil times

US vs Iran - Strait of Hormuz


The Lord has made everything for its own purpose,
Even the wicked for the day of evil.

Proverbs 16:4


Anonymous said...

I hate to think of what is coming to Israel for their sin of embracing sodomy in al of its forms.
However, I know that The LORD GOD will save Israel and Jerusalem for HIS+ Holy Name's sake and for the sake of the Holy Covenant HE+ has established at that place on Golgotha.
The little girl;
Human beings are loosing ALL Natural affection, even parental love. Demons are swarming the earth and UN-regenerated humans beings are FREE_meat for them.
Only The Blood of JESUS can keep the unclean away.
I believe the little child is in a place of safety now.
Would that the churches would preace Repentance and TRUTH, rather than the "Milk Sop" garbage they are teaching.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

As with Israel and the US it's always a small remnant.
It never ceases to amaze me how few in Israel in Jeremiah's day paid attention to the
prophet God sent to warn them about what He was sending.
The exact same thing is true today. only a few are not seduced by the corrupt political, false religious prophets of our day as those who claim to believe in Jesus ignore the voice of the Chief Shepherd and chase after the worthless vanity and riches of this cursed nation and world.

Thanks for sharing what I forgot to mention.
There are so many here today like this evil mother that it's become the normal reprobate American values. It does not even cause introspection and shame as a failed nation. pride rules the day for the left and the right who walk in ubiquitous darkness.
The mother is not crazy but has given herself over to demons and evil by the choices she made and failed to make.
The chickens by the millions are coming home to roost in this cursed land that turned away from God and rejected ALL His blessings.