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How Crafty, Evil USA Trapped Israel in Their Cage

Under evil bully US pressure Israel retreated from South Lebanon which created the major Hezbollah threat, and lost all deterrence for Israel. This foolish retreat greatly encouraging Israel's many enemies, especially Iran.

Why Israel’s retreat from Lebanon marked the birth of today’s Middle East

The May 2000 withdrawal seemed to be part of a larger land-for-peace trend; instead it raised the curtain on the wars of the 21st century.

America is responsible for the whole mess in the Middle East, especially after the Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Under US bully pressure Israel failed to defeat Hezbollah in the 2006, 1st Lebanon War.
Forced to retreat by President Bush, (warned by the Saudi's that unless the US muscled Israel into submission that they would enter the war)  who sent Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to rescue Hezbollah from defeat, Israel capitulated and retreated before victory.

If you haven't noticed yet.
The nefarious US agenda using a fake-peace is to make sure that Israel no longer defeats any Arab Muslim Armies ever again.

Crafty and evil isn't it ?

Under extreme pressure from US President G.W. Bush, Israeli P.M. Sharon retreated every Jew, living and dead from Gaza for Palestinian rockets, jhad and terrorism in return.

After the IDF went into Gaza in 2012 to end the rain of rockets, roll over on command Puppy Netanyahu under pressure from US President Jihad Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton retreated the IDF before the job was finished.
Again after Israel went into Gaza in 2014 to end the Hamas rockets Obama sent in Secretary John Kerry to rescue Hamas a second time and force Israel into pulling another defeat from the jaws of victory.

Conclusion: Israel's faith challenged, weak and spineless leaders always roll over to please their false god of no peace, America Babylon.

...but it all started in 1982 under President Reagan who made it possible for the Islamic terrorist Yasser Araft to come to Israel and set up his army of terrorism inside Israel under the lie of peace process.

Israel, snared by her American Idol

The year was 1982  when Israel was craftily led into the Made in America 'Cage of Restraint and Slavery.'

Israel had gone into Lebanon to defeat the Palestinian Islamic terrorist threat and was quite successful having surrounded Beirut and almost defeating the PLO.
And then US President Reagan (a god to many blind, deceived American Christians) came to the rescue of chief global Islamic terrorist, Yasser Arafat, and the remaining Islamic terrorist fighters.

Rescued by President Reagan
Israel capitulated to the evil will and agenda of America Babylon and gave someone who should have been taken out by the Israeli sniper with a bullet marked for his head safe passage to Tunisia.

That one event marked the downward spiral of the IDF due to wicked Israeli political leadership who decided long ago to bow to Washington instead of God.

Not long after president Reagan's evil rescue of a most evil man, Arafat, Iranian sponsored Muslim terrorists bombed the US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 242 US Marines, a preview of God's wrath on those phony friends who meddle and interfere with the Israel of God.


Lebanon, Bombing of U.S. Embassy and Marine Barracks


1983 United States embassy bombing in Beirut

Israel has suffered thousands of wounded and dead because of this national sin and has yet to wake up.
The Jewish people suffer from a strong delusion for serving/worshiping/obeying their idol America Babylon instead of following the model God provided for them long, long ago.

Israel's many gods !


Exodus 23:27-33 Amplified Bible (AMP)

27 I will send My terror ahead of you, and I will throw into confusion all the people among whom you come, and I will make all your enemies turn their backs to you [in flight].
28 I will send hornets ahead of you which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite before you.
 29 I will not drive them out before you in a single year, so that the land does not become desolate [due to lack of attention] and the [wild] animals of the field do not become too numerous for you. 30 I will drive them out before you little by little, until you have increased and are strong enough to take possession of the land.
31 I will establish your borders from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines (the Mediterranean), and from the wilderness to the River Euphrates; for I will hand over the residents of the land to you, and you shall drive them out before you.
32 You shall not make a covenant with them or with their gods.
33 They shall not live in your land, because they will make you sin against Me; for if you serve their gods, it is certain to be a trap for you [resulting in judgment].”

Exodus 23 :27-33

Israel has sinned against God by entering into a fake-peace agreement with evil America Babylon!

Something very popular in Christian Laodecian circles, Amir Tsarfati's will never tell you.

Since that time Israel has been unable to defeat any enemy.
Now handcuffed, severely restrained, by "friend", and locked in the cage of America's false peace agenda which has greatly weakened the Jews who turned away from God to Washington for peace.

This grievous sin of Israel has greatly encouraged Israel's enemies like Iran, Hezbollah, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sudan and the whole Islamic world.


I've noticed since that time that Israel has embraced all the wickedness  of the idol it serves, from abortions, drugs, homosexual abomination, greed, and every other perversity.

Today a blind and proud Israel in denial says of the growing Hamas threat from Gaza, 'We could easily defeat Hamas but we don't want to because we don't want to rule over the Palestinians.'
This is a big Israeli lie, a cop out from the neutered Israeli idol worshipers who do not have permission from the false god they serve, America Babylon, to defeat Hamas or Hezbollah.

We saw how millions of Syrian Muslims who survived the barbaric Muslim on Muslim war of seven years were driven out of Syria by their own Muslim government and the world went along by allowing these "refugees"  to flood Europe and other western countries.

Can you imagine the ensuing world apocalypse if Israel were to rid itself of the anti-peace Palestinian terrorism problem by encouraging them to go to Europe where they are loved and $upported, and where the Jews are not ?

It's now safer to be a Muslim terrorist in Europe than a Jew.

Muslims, especially Islamic terrorists are protected by the anti-Semite governments of Europe unlike Israel and the Jewish people.
Let the Palestinians who do not want Israel to exist receive their due reward, a non existent people.

The Palestinians should follow the Syria model
If it was good enough for the Muslims to do to fellow Muslims, Israel should reward the clan of Islam's terrorism likewise

Israel should have defeated the Palestinians long ago, and because Europe loves the Palestinian terrorism cult so much. Send the Palestinian survivors swimming to Europe thereby sending a strong message to Iran and the Islamic world that Never Again means Never Again.

All they see from weak Israel is appeasement and capitulation, a sure recipe for the coming last wars.

Tragically a severely faith challenged (and weakened by the US led fake-peace) Israel bows to and obeys her lying Washington idols and has sent the wrong message to everyone in the world.

Israel can not longer defeat her enemies and will always capitulate, retreat, and surrender for the false fake-peace of her worthless American idol.
That is why all bark and no bite Netanyahu is such a loyal lap dog to the false god he serves and can not even defeat  Hamas.

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